Why I’d choose Menox Hand Controls

Personally I think of Menox like Apple’s IPhone, they’ve only got one product but it’s so great that the vast range of competitor products are simply blown out of the water.

Now right away I’m just going to say, if you don’t have 2000 dollars to buy the best of the best I’d recommend Mobility Products and Design or Monarch Hand Controls which can easily come in at around 350 dollars and potentially even half the price if you buy them second hand.  On the other hand if you want to find out why they’re the best than you can keep on reading…

To start with and I know this shouldn’t matter, but purely on an aesthetic basis they’re much superior.  They have a range of colors and designs which match the upholstery and feel of the vehicle you put them into.  It’s not nice to have really obvious clunk hand controls hitting your legs, Menox’s controls are much smaller and less obstructive being placed to the side of the driver’s seat.  This also makes getting in and out of the vehicle much easier because there are moving parts potentially stopping leg movements as with most if not all cheaper designs (aside from Viegel that is).

The handle itself is ergonomic and follows the curves and contours of your hand allowing you an easier driving experience.  You want to be able to relax and drive, not have aching arms and wrists which do occur with many drivers using cheaper handles.  You can rest your hand and most importantly your wrist onto the handle which is attached to the lever for a much greater level of comfort.

To brake the vehicle you simple gently push forward and to accelerate you pull backwards, on some hand controls such as by MPS you have to push downwards at a 90 degree angle to brake and then pull backwards to accelerate and many people simply see this as counter intuitive.  It’s a simple, effective system which is made easier by their mechanical linkage which means that the force required to push/pull is less than those without the mechanical linkage such as Drive Master hand controls.  If you want to drive then you don’t want to have an aching wrist from a mediocre handle, annoying lever placement as well as an aching arm from the effort exerted pushing the controls.

Menox Handicap Hand Controls

Menox Handicap Hand Controls

One of the useful aspects as its ability to control secondary functions within the car, primary functions being accelerating and braking an secondary functions being controlling sound volume, windscreen wipers, turn signals and so on.  Switching rapidly between your steering wheel, hand controls and turn signals is fine for people with energy and who are quick – but a lot of people simply don’t have the energy to carry out this process for a long amount of time.

Menox Hand Controls

Menox Hand Controls

With Menox there are buttons placed onto the side of the handle which allow you to control your important secondary car functions without having to endanger yourself or cause risk to your passengers.  All of this unfortunately comes with a large price tag as you would expect, and you can be looking at paying around 2000 dollars and potentially more for purchasing and installment of the controls.  They’re the best, but the best means a premium price.

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