Which Automobiles are Suitable for Hand Controls

When you’re looking into purchasing hand controls you’ll discover that specific technology as well as model type affects which type of vehicle the disabled driving equipment can be attached too.  The result is that you may need to either purchase a new vehicle or settle for a different hand control.

Generally you’ll find that portable models will work on the most automobiles due to their simplistic but functional design.  If you have a car which has an unusual internal arrangement then it’s definitely worth taking a look at whether portable designs will be the best for your disability requirements.

Which Automobiles are Suitable for Hand Controls

As a general rule of thumb, the more complex the design of the equipment the more limited the vehicle range which will allow hand controls for the automobile to be installed.

I would suggest that in circumstances such as a limited budget and paraplegia (with no added handicap complications) than using portable hand controls for your car may very well be the best option for you.

The reason for this is that they’re incredibly cheap at around 250-300 dollars and they fulfill the functionality requirements which standard paraplegics have.  If you have further issues then the likelihood is that you’re going to have to opt for something which is more costly but better serves your needs.

Generally the clear recommendation is that automatic vehicles are the best choice for driving as a handicapped person.  Trying to operate the clutch and change gear whilst having one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on your hand control lever is practically impossible and easily bordering on dangerous.

Complex models such as those manufactured by Veigel and Menox are the most limited because they have secondary car control function buttons.  Menox actually has a list of vehicles which it can be fitted with, and whilst this isn’t exclusive you’ll find that because of the added complexity of their function buttons as well as other optional extras they’re more limited in the different cars which they can be installed upon.

Which Automobile Hand Controls to Choose

You may also need to consider getting a larger car if you want a greater degree of accessibility, perhaps the installation of a disabled person’s ramp for example.  Some manufacturers such as GuidoSimplex offer the ‘Total Driving’ system which allows for every single aspect of driving the vehicle to be done by the handicapped person.

Generally although a disabled person can drive the vehicle he/she cannot easily enter or exit it without assistance.  The Total Driving system allows for complete accessibility and usability, independent entering, driving and exiting with everything in between completely catered for.

One final aspect of suitability is with regards to the installation of automobile hand controls which are dependent upon the vehicle at hand.  Limitations can easily mean that trying to install the specific device on a specific model is impossible or very difficult.

What’s more is that if there’s a hint that the installation may not be completely safe the chances are that it won’t go ahead because safety protocols must be followed for the driver’s safety.

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