Vehicle Hand Controls Cost

As I’m sure you can imagine the cost of hand controls for vehicles varies significant based on several key factors.  These are the hand control’s manufacturer (brand), technologies involved (non-mechanized, mechanical linkage, electronic and so forth), the capacities and of course several other things which I’ll outline below.  I’ll make sure to give rough prices on what you can expect to pay for what.

In this page I’m going to outline the rough figures involved with how much general categories of hand controls cost, as well as what increases and decreases the costs involved.

Portable hand controls are almost always the cheapest Vehicle Hand Controls, the reason for this being somewhat obvious.  Firstly there’s no middleman such as a disabled car dealership taking a cut of the profits from the company making them.  Secondly they’re self-installed, so you don’t need to pay a mechanic an extortionate amount of money.  Finally they’re comparatively limited and primitive, and this reflects in the components and hence the price.

Vehicle Hand Controls Cost

Vehicle Hand Controls Cost

Around 250-350 dollars is an average price to bag yourself a set of portable hand controls, without mechanical linkage of course – or anything else which the more permanent and expensive brands have.

If you want a permanent set of mechanical Disabled Vehicle Hand Controls which require professional installation, but are easier to use in terms of effort then you’re looking at around 500-600 dollars.

Vehicle Hand Controls

Vehicle Hand Controls

I want to stress that this price can vary massively into potentially several thousand dollars, but the reason I’m quoting 500-600 dollars is because that’s the price for a decent set of mechanized hand controls which can still do perhaps 90% of what the ‘best’ can.

The best devices have secondary car function buttons which allow remote control access of certain car functions such as signalling to turn and headlights – generally there are around 15 different car function options.

Different hand control manufacturer’s prices


Again, this price can vary dramatically but I’ll still be specific.  A set of Menox or Veigel hand controls which are considered some of the best out there at the moment for complete paraplegics will cost around 2,000 dollars including installation.  This is pretty much the top end of the spectrum, unless you really want to get the very best which use hydraulic brakes and electronic accelerators.  In this case you’re talking 5,000 dollars plus.

The Cost of Vehicle Hand Controls

MPS/Monarch and Mobility Products and Design can cost as little as around 400 dollars for their more basic permanent installations, but can rise to around 700 dollars for their mechanized models.

Just as a rough guide, portable models are around 250-350 dollars, permanent basic non-mechanized are around 400 dollars, mechanized basic models are around 700 dollars, advanced mechanized models are around 1000-2,300 dollars.

Driving for the Disabled


Getting to grips with Motor Vehicle Hand Controls isn’t easy, and one issue which people tend to have is they fall for unscrupulous disabled car dealerships.  I’m not saying there are lots, but wherever there’s profit involved then human compassion seems to evaporate very quickly.

Just remember that the prices can vary significantly between wherever you want to make your purchases, this means both the model price and the mechanic’s installation fee (which in itself can be a massive amount of money).

Negotiation and shopping around are two things which people need to do more, because I get a lot of messages from people who make a purchase only to find out that they could have saved hundreds of dollars by making the exact same purchase elsewhere.

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