Utilizing the SCI Rutgers Carecure Forums and the Apparelyzed Forums

If you have any type of spinal cord injury (SCI) or any type of disability then there are two important and well known forums which you should be aware of.  The first is the Carecure Forums which are run by SCI Rutgers which I personally think is the most useful non-profit disability forum.  The second, and still very useful, is the Apparelyzed Forums which also focuses around spinal cord injuries but also looks at other disabilities in general.

SCI Rutgers Carecure Forums Overview


The Carecure Forums has a lot of great positives about it which mark it out as my personal favorite   Firstly they have a lot of different topics which you can most on, ranging from ‘care’ to ‘cures’, ‘politics’ to ‘food’ and ‘equipment’ to ‘music’.  They have topics for absolutely every aspect of daily living which means you can gain a lot of useful insights and tips from people with spinal cord injuries.

Secondly the SCI Rutger forums have a lot of experience SCI doctors, nurses and members.  The doctors and nurses can obviously provide specialized spinal cord injury information which you would normally have to go to your doctor for.  Plus they have tens of thousands of members many who have years of experience plus a wealth of information which you’ll find useful.  You can retroactively search the forums to look for old posts with information relevant to what you need.

Let’s say you need to find out information about a specific type of wheelchair, or whether medicare or medicaid cover it, you can do a simple search for it and most likely find out information about it.  But if you can’t find out information about it then the next logical step is to search for great wheelchairs which other people have liked.  What’s more is that if you create an account you can PM other Carecure forum members.  This means that if someone’s talking about a wheelchair of set of hand controls which they like you can ask them specific questions and find out more.  Or if they appear to have a lot of knowledge about a particular brand, product or type of product you can inquire with your own specific questions and utilize their knowledge.

Perhaps one of the best things about the Carecure forums is the sense of community.  The Carecure forums feels more like a family than an anonymous forum and you feel like you’re part of that family very quickly.  You get to know the regular contributors, the moderators and SCI doctors and nurses and perhaps most importantly you can have a laugh and joke around in a comfortable environment.  Just today I saw an amusing post titled ‘the most pathetic thing ever’ with the content being ‘when a successful bowel movement is the best part of your day’ and everyone else joking along.  It’s great.

Going back to disability equipment and more useful SCI mobility equipment it seems to me that the SCI Rutger forums are perhaps most useful for the member’s assessment and information about various equipment.  Every single imaginable type of equipment used by spinal cord injury victims is here and you can learn so much about what’s on offer and what you need – and as I mentioned above sending a PM to a Carecure forum member can save a lot of uncertainty plus provide you with extra information.

As I mentioned above I do think that the Carecure forums is the best but that may be because that’s the one I use the most and have built up a relationship with.  Or it may really be because it’s the best, it’s heard to remove my personal subjectivity when it’s so intertwined with the topic so I suggest the best thing to do is to check things out yourself.

Apparelyzed Forums


The Apparelyzed Forums also have an incredibly wide range of topics available, plus a large member base too.  One thing which really puts my off is the layout.  The text is difficult to read and these too much of it for each topic and I also feel like there’s an information overload where I’m just getting bombarded with so much information that it makes it so difficult to take everything in.  I suppose I prefer a simpler and less intrusive lay out.

The Apparelyzed Forums are the more ‘hip’ forums and they tend to have more younger members and more of a ‘what’s going on right now’ feel with twitter feeds and Facebook plugins and the like.  That’s great for some people and many discussion but it really depends what you’re into.

Whereas the Carecure forums are aimed more at serious topics the Apparelyzed Forums are aimed more at building a younger community which is more based around daily living and fun as opposed to finding out if wheelchair A is better than wheelchair B.

One great thing about the Apparelyzed community is that it also has several different resource directories which you can find out more information about a great deal of topics.  These are all situated on the homepage which makes it very useful and easy to find comprehensive information.

I’m not exactly sure who has more members but I’m a member of both forums and I find both forums are enjoyable places for interaction with other people who have in the past or still currently suffered from some kind of spinal cord injury.

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