Using Portable Hand Controls for Automobiles

For some people that thought of using portable hand controls seems like a crazy idea because of their faults, but for other they’ve given the disabled person the ability to drive – a feat practically priceless.

There are reasons to use and reasons to stay away from this type of disabled driving equipment, but ultimately you need to be the one who makes the decision about whether it’s right for your situation with regards to both money, handicapped requirements and how much you want to actually drive.

Using Portable Hand Controls for Automobiles

Starting with money there’s no doubt that using a portable device is perhaps 2-3 times cheaper at least.  You can purchase models from 250-300 dollars on the internet which would then be delivered to your house.

Contrast this with around 400-500 dollars for a basic, manual hand control including perhaps 150-200 dollars for installation (at least).  What’s more is that this installation will almost certainly require modifications to your car which significantly lower its resale value, that’s after you’ve paid even more money for their removal.

When it comes to the handicapped requirements there’s no doubt that permanent models are the best option.  They’re easier to use in terms of force/effort required and they’re far more useful to people who have other disability requirements aside from paraplegia as well as paraplegics who simply want a less tiring and easier driving experience.

Portable hand controls have no assistive technology such as mechanical linkage, electronic or hydraulic components.  They’re also purely for basic disabled driving and they don’t have additional extras which create an easier driving experience.

Generally if you’re only looking at doing small amounts of driving than hand controls for your automobile which are portable may be the best option.  Most importantly they allow able bodied driving of the vehicle too.

Portable Hand Controls for Automobiles

Disabled Vehicles this advanced definitely are not using Portable Devices

People who use them the most tend to cite reasons such as occasional disabled driving of a vehicle which is generally used for regular driving as the main reason.  Due to their portability they can be removed and installed in minutes and so they’re perfectly suited for occasional use.

For those who are looking to do a lot of driving or want an experience which is easier with various types of assistive technology than I would say a permanent installation is by far the best option, but you certainly need to look into whether your automobile is suitable for those hand controls because they’re more restricted in terms of vehicle installation.

It’ll definitely be worth looking into the installation of automobile hand controls if it’s something you’re not well versed upon.

The actual installation can cost around half as much as the model by itself and there are various limitations and restrictions which it’s important that you’re made aware of.

Generally I wouldn’t recommend using a portable version aside from those who are on a highly restricted budget, looking for only occasional driving and who aren’t fazed by the increased difficulty in using them.

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