Used and Secondhand Hand Controls on Ebay

If you want to buy a set of handicap hand controls you’re probably aware that even the cheapest kits will cost several hundred dollars at least.  Therefore buying secondhand hand controls on Ebay, as well as used hand controls on Ebay is a viable option – and in this page I’m going to concisely go over the rewards, potential risks, the process of purchase and installation and potential alternatives too.

The Rewards and Risks of buying used hand controls on Ebay


The rewards.  The rewards are simple and you get two main benefits out of buying used hand controls on websites like Ebay – a low cost plus delivery to your location.  You can obtain hand controls for hundreds of dollars below market price and although most of them do look pretty scruffy they’re certainly purchased for their functional operations and not aesthetics.  Some permanent hand control kits must be purchased from a disabled vehicle dealership and cannot be purchased online like portable hand controls.  However if you live in a sparsely populated state or perhaps there simply aren’t very many disabled car shops near you then it can be a matter of added convenience.  Many people purchase portable hand control kits of websites like Amazon simply because they’re delivered straight to one’s door.

The risks.  The risks are a little more complicated and I’ll briefly go over the main points.  Firstly there’s the chance that you’re going to be sold a broken or slightly malfunctioning set of hand controls.  Although it’s unlikely most people who report problems with their hand controls to me do so after purchasing used or secondhand hand controls.  I would usually suggest to simply check the reviews and ratings of the Ebay seller but many have just set up accounts to sell a few things so there’s usually sparse information and this is a big problem.  Secondly you also need to be aware that unless you’re buying a portable hand controls kit which you can install yourself then you’ll need to find someone (definitely a professional) to install your hand controls for you.  Portable hand controls are now one of the most popular kits you can buy online, but before their rise most people would go to a disabled vehicle dealership to purchase and have the hand controls installed then and there.  Therefore you need to call around local mechanisms or disabled car shops to make sure someone can actually install your device.

How to Buy secondhand hand controls on Ebay


The process of purchase and installation.  Buying secondhand hand controls on Ebay is just like buying anything else on Ebay and the main things to look at are the price, if they deliver and how much.  Of course I would also say it’s important to find out if the seller has positive reviews too.  Firstly check out the model type, such as ‘The Menox hand control’ and then download the installation instruction manual (usually in a PDF format) and call around local mechanisms or disabled vehicle dealerships and send them the installation details plus arrange a price.  Next you should contact the seller directly to make sure that it has everything required for installation.  After this it’s simply a matter of purchasing them, getting them delivered and getting someone who knows what they’re doing to install them – preferably under your supervision so that they can adjust things when necessary to accommodate your specific requirements.

Potential Alternatives to buying used or secondhand hand controls


For those of you who don’t find the idea of using someone else’s potentially broken driving equipment from Ebay there are perhaps more palatable options for you.  Now of course I’m not saying that most second hand driving equipment will be broken but I do occasionally receive emails along this premise so it is something you should be aware of.

Portable hand controls.  I’ve mentioned them a few times above and I’ll briefly go over why these are the most popular type of hand controls which are purchased.  For one thing they’re reasonably price at around 250-300 dollars which makes them similar in price to the hand controls you’d find on auction websites like Ebay.  Secondly they’re brand new.  Thirdly your portable hand controls get delivered to your house, plus you can install them yourself.  There are lots of reasons to purchase portable driving kits, but I suggest you read my page on portable driving controls if you want to find out more about them.

Unfortunately at this time I do not have any other alternatives to secondhand hand controls, but nevertheless it is possible to snag hand controls from brands such as Menox, Monarch MPS, MPD (Mobility Products and Design) and Drive Master on Ebay for significantly reduced prices.  Just make sure you can install it on your car first and you’ve checked out the merchant’s reviews!

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