Tips to Starting Disabled Driving for your Vehicle

There are a couple of various tips this article is going to provide in helping disabled people starting to drive their vehicle.  Not all of these have to be followed, but there are some which I think are very important; especially for those who haven’t driven at all or in a very long time.

To start with some of you may want to opt to trying out a disabled driving school and taking lessons there.  Here you’ll be helped to drive by professionals who have experience with people in your exact condition.  This is especially useful for those who haven’t driven at all or in a long time, but it’s not without its downsides too.

Tips to Starting Disabled Driving for your Vehicle

To start with there’s a very high chance there’s not even going to be a disabled driving school close to where you live.  There simply aren’t that many of them and it’s going to be especially harder living in the US which is far more spread out than the UK which is more condensed.

It’s also worth mentioning that they’re incredibly expensive, and the cost per lesson is certainly going to put a lot of people off.  It varies but I’ve heard upwards of 100 dollars easily, it would just take a few lessons and the training to drive would cost more than your disabled vehicle hand controls.

There’s no denying the freedom for disabled drivers to drive a vehicle is an incredible feeling, but considering how much costs is very high you need to ask yourself whether it’s worth it.

For those of you who just want to do it yourself (which is much cheaper and also a very good option) then it’s a simple matter of starting slowly and building up experience but also confidence.

Just remember that handicapped drivers actually cause fewer accidents for whatever reason, and the best place to start is on roads which you know well but which are rarely travelled.  If it’s necessary then going early in the morning when the roads are sparsely populated is a good option.

Tips Starting Disabled Driving for your Vehicle

From here it’s simply a case of building up your confidence and experience and progressing to more difficult roads and situations.  Don’t think this is a drawn out process because the truth is that hand controls are very intuitive to use.

I’ve actually heard plenty of stories from people writing to me and saying that they’d just started driving as soon as the installation was complete.  One even claimed to have driven a five hour journey!  Whether this is true or not I don’t know, but don’t think that you’ll be spending months learning to drive – weeks at most.

If you’ve just started looking into disabled driving, then it’ll be worth checking out the various misconceptions about disabled vehicle hand controls which will help clear up some issues.

Or if you’re unsure on the legal side of things, check out our page on the laws about vehicle hand controls for the disabled which also will help clarify matters.

Finally it’ll also be definitely worth finding out about the differences between permanent and portable vehicle hand controls so you can find out which is best suited for your personal situation.

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