The Cost of Handicap Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

There are far more costs involved for disabled drivers than just their handicap hand controls, and these all need to be looked over – we also provide information on how to get the best value cost.  Find out more below.

To begin with you need to recognize that there are far more costs involved with this kind of disability equipment than just the controls themselves.  It’s not like buying a computer where you’re just paying for the product; it’s more like wanting to use it.  So you pay for the computer, the internet, electricity, sound speakers, monitor – and so forth.  Before you know it prices and fees can stack up and this is one thing which affects of lots of handicapped people.

One thing which does need to be understood is that there are really just 2 starting measures which place a bearing on how much your controls will cost.  There’s the type and then the brand or manufacturer of each different device.  The ‘type’ is split into three main categories, there’s portable or fixed or semi-fixed hand controls.

You’ll find time and time again that mobile (or portable) are the cheapest to buy for a number of reasons.  Firstly you can buy them on the internet since they can be installed by anyone with little car knowledge and the ability to follow simple instructions in a manual.  Being able to browse through the internet to find the best deals on hand controls allows you find the lowest prices.  One major downside of disable car showrooms is that they’re often limited in what they can sell you – and of course they’re taking a cut of the profits.

So if you want the very cheapest out there then buying portable handicap hand controls allows you get retain the core capabilities whilst compromising on the cost.

If you want to go for the other two designs which are admittedly far easier to drive and safer then you’ll need to go through professionals who can help you install it seeing as they take car modifications to take place.

If you want to find the cheapest of these two then the best thing to do is find out which design you like and simply ring your local dealerships asking for quotes as well as negotiating on the price.  Don’t think that you can’t negotiate because when you’re dealing with what are quite high value products you shouldn’t feel you have to take exorbitant costs.

Next there are also costs associated with driving the vehicle itself and there are two main ones you need to be aware of.  You have your standard car tax but then you also have disabled driver insurance which is intrinsically more expensive.  This insurance is calculated just  like regular insurance aside from factors contributing to your state of health will be used inclusive of normal methods.

To find the cheapest price here then the best thing to do is browse through the different insurance companies and use price comparison websites – do your homework!  There can be a substantial amount of variation in costs so it’s definitely worth checking out the competition.

Embarking on the endeavor of hand controls isn’t easy.  There are costs and requirement hoops which all need to be jumped through – let alone getting to grips with actually starting to begin driving again (or to start with!).

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