Temporary Left Foot Accelerator

Left foot accelerators are a useful piece of disabled driving equipment for drivers generally suffering some sort of right sided paralysis. With better technology temporary left foot accelerators (sometimes known as ‘portable’ left foot gas pedals) have become much more common place in lieu of the typical ‘permanent’ versions which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

What is a temporary left foot accelerator?


The word ‘temporary’ is interchangeable with ‘removable’ or ‘quick-release’ and it has several major differences from the permanent versions.  They’re generally used in conjunction with other portable driving kits which can be rapidly removed for able bodied driving.       So someone who can’t use their right foot to accelerate can still drive by using brake-only hand controls and a left foot gas pedal.  Otherwise he would need to operate the acceleration using his hand and brake using his foot which is a poor distribution of effort required to effort available.

Temporary means:

  1. No permanent modifications are made to the vehicle.  No bolts are screwed into the floor and no damage which will reduce the value of the vehicle and make it unsightly occur.
  2. It can be removed within 5-10 minutes without needing any professional guidance aside from reading the instruction booklet.

Why are temporary left foot gas pedals useful?


There are a number of reasons why this type of device is so useful.  But instead of just looking at usefulness I think it’s best to look at all the advantages and positive aspects of this product.

Financial benefits of the temporary left foot gas pedal:

  1. The cost of the actual device itself is much cheaper, plus you don’t need a trained mechanic to install it (who’s going to charge 50-100 dollars per hour and make sure it takes a good few hours install).
  2. The cost of removing the device once you no longer need it is zero, which is much cheaper than paying a mechanic to properly remove it.
  3. The value of your car is retained because there are no unsightly bolt marks visible on the bottom of the car.

Practical benefits:

  1. It can be used in conjunction with other removable pieces of driving equipment.  For those looking to save money then it’s the only option which makes sense.
  2. It performs the function of a permanent model because the functioning mechanisms are exactly the same – it’s just the installation which is different.
  3. It allows a car to be used by both able bodied and disabled drivers.

Why most people prefer the portable left foot accelerator kit


People prefer this type of removal equipment because it promises and delivers the best possible outcome in terms of cost, reliability and functionality.  You pay substantially less money (perhaps around 30%) and receive a product which is just as reliable and operates in an almost identical manner.  It’s similar to the differences between purchasing a ‘basic’ and ‘premium’ product at a supermarket where you’ll end up paying substantially more for a ‘branded’ item which is exactly the same in purpose and function as a ‘home brand’ product.

The cost of mobility equipment is a massive burden on the majority of disabled people in America.  The situation is one where it’s hard for the disabled person to get a job (even with Acts such as the Amended Americans with Disabilities Act) because of either discrimination or the disabled person because physically unable.  This creates a serious economic burden for the disabled person and their family and once this is combined with America’s Medicare/Medicaid system which isn’t comparable to the free help received by their peers in other first world countries it becomes clear that going for the budget option is sometimes the only option.

Most people prefer the PLFA kit (America’s only portable left foot accelerator at the moment) because it’s cheap, home-delivered and to be honest it’s the only product on the entire market at the moment.  You can buy products comparable to the PLFA but I’ve only seem them listed in Israel (although they do exist elsewhere outside of America) and other far away countries.  The PLFA is the real deal and it was created by a man who has experience with disabilities himself.  I’d recommend looking into them a little further.

One final thing which I’ve not mentioned is how long the process can be to find a non-removable device.  You need to find a local car shop, go there, check it out and make sure it’s compatible, buy it and have it installed.  This can generally take multiple trips.  Now this is all well and fine if you have plenty of money and want to seek more personalized advice (although they do of course make a commission from the sales so you can’t believe everything they say).  But on the other hand this type of equipment is rare to find and you can spend hours and hours simply driving there.  Think how much time, money and effort it’s going to take to travel 200 miles to sort everything out?  It’s simply too much of a hassle for most people.

What are the benefits to permanent left leg gas pedals?


Before you rush off and go buy this device there are a few suggestions I’d like to offer up.  Firstly don’t necessarily discount permanent left leg gas pedals just because I think they’re the best and I don’t have anything to gain.  Many people sincerely prefer to talk to a sales person who is knowledgeable about this type of equipment in person, and I can understand that.  There’s also the issue of not being able to installed the permanent left foot gas pedal properly.  If you’re nervous about this kind of thing and you’re worried about your safety then getting a device which will be bolted to the floor is a pretty good route to go down.

In terms of ‘what’s the best to buy’ it’s very much a question of how much money you’re willing to allocate to this endeavor combined with the amount of effort and time required.  The permanent left leg gas pedal requires substantially more time and more money – but if you have both of those things in abundance and have doubts about purchasing this type of equipment online then it would seem like permanent left leg gas pedals are the best option.

Useful when used in conjunction with other temporary or ‘quick-release’ equipment


One great advantage of this which I mentioned above is that it can be used in conjunction with a plethora of other temporary equipment.  Generally these are labelled as ‘quick-release’, ‘portable’ or ‘removable’ (as well as temporary) and are available to purchase online too.

You’ll find that they’re used in conjunction with portable hand control kits (usually brake only models) as well as quick-release steering knobs too.  This allows for cheap handicapped driving which is especially useful for just the occasional driver.  It allows the handicapped person to simply have someone install the equipment which will take around 10-15 minutes for the hand controls, steering knob and left gas pedal and turns a regular car into a handicap-ready vehicle.

I hope you found this article interesting, you can browse this website at your leisure or join our forums to learn more about every single aspect of driving as a disabled person.

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