MPD Steering Control V-Grip

The V-Grip steering wheel attachment is an excellent steering aid for those who want their hand and wrist to be secured and steady while driving. // // The device consists of a single pin which shoots vertically straight out of the steering wheel and is generally placed lower down and parallel to the hand control. [...] Read more »

MPD Steering Control Tri-Pin Grip

The Tri-Pin Grip is a steering wheel attachment which I’ve mentioned a lot because I simply believe it to be the most effective aid for drivers to turn the wheel in the easiest manner. // // To start with the driver grips the main pin closest to the wheel which leaves his wrist enclosed within [...] Read more »

MPD Steering Control Spinner Knob

The Spinner Knob along with the single and tri-pin grips is one of the most popular steering devices designed to allow easy turning of the steering wheel. // // This model is available in three different colors which are designed to blend into your vehicle: Black (3520B), Gray (3520G) and Woodgrain (3520W) with the base [...] Read more »

MPD Steering Control Single Pin

The classic Single Pin driving grip is a steering control which you’ll find across almost every single manufacturer of disabled driving products due to its simple effect layout and low price. // // Using hand controls inevitably means that the driver is unable to always keep both hands on the wheel.  Indeed in most cases [...] Read more »

MPD Steering Control Palm Grip

The Palm Grip accessory is to be attached to the steering wheel to grant control with the use of your palm, as opposed to grasping with one’s fingers, as the main driving force for turning the wheel. // // The entire device is lightweight due to its primarily aluminum composition which reduces the mass (weight) [...] Read more »

MPD Steering Control Hook Grip

The model 3521B Steering Control is a hook grip designed for use by disabled drivers who use a prosthetic hook (which generally has two clasping fingers). // // This particular MPD attachment is particularly aimed at those with amputee hands/forearms as a viable alternative to being able to turn the steering wheel without having hands. [...] Read more »

MPD Steering Control Counter Balance

The model 3525 is a counter balance designed for the steering wheel and manufactured by Mobility Products and Design. // // The purpose of this attachment is to counterbalance the weight of the Tri-Pi Grip and is intended to be used in conjunction with such. It’s designed to offset the additional weight which is added [...] Read more »

MPD Steering Controls

Steering control attachment solutions for one handed steering, amputees, poor grip/wrist sufferers and disabled driving, which are installed either permanently or with the option of quick removal to improve safety, functionality and comfort. Find out about the different models by MPD below: MPD Steering Control Counter Balance MPD Steering Control Hook Grip MPD Steering Control [...] Read more »