A few Methods to Buying the Cheapest Hand Control Installations

When it comes to actually installing the hand controls you’ve purchased you won’t be surprised to find out there can sometimes be a very steep price attached. // // The main thing to look at when reducing the overall cost is getting the cheapest hand controls you possibly can. This is dictated by four important factors, [...] Read more »

The Cost of Handicap Driving Hand Controls for Cars

What a lot of disabled drivers worry about is the cost of handicap hand controls for driving cars.  Remember it’s not just the cost of the controls you need to be aware of; there are other peripheral costs which will hit you and need to be calculated into your budget.  Find out more below.// // [...] Read more »

The Cost of Handicap Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

There are far more costs involved for disabled drivers than just their handicap hand controls, and these all need to be looked over – we also provide information on how to get the best value cost.  Find out more below.// // To begin with you need to recognize that there are far more costs involved [...] Read more »

How to Find Cheap Hand Controls for Cars

If you’re looking to find budget hand controls to use with your car then there are really only two options for you.  Find out more below.//   // The best choices for you are either purchasing portable hand controls or second hand models.  Now obviously the more basic your design, the cheaper it’s going to [...] Read more »

Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Cost – get the facts, all costs included

When it comes to the costs involved for disabled drivers buying hand controls for their cars there are a number of costs you need to consider aside from just the price of the controls.  Find out more below.// // Now firstly the cost of this type of disability car equipment varies quite substantially, but at [...] Read more »

So you’re thinking about buying some Hand Controls..?

If you’re thinking about buying some hand controls the first thing you need to check is your budget!  Hand Controls can easily cost 350 dollars at least, for the basic versions and in these economically difficult times that can be a lot of money to people who are unable to work due to their disability. [...] Read more »