MPD Foot Control Left Foot Accelerator

The Left Foot Accelerator which is manufactured by Mobility Products and Design allows the gas pedal to be engaged by using the left foot instead of the right. // // The installation of a brand new pedal on the left side which is linked to the right acceleration pedal allows the left foot control of [...] Read more »

MPD Foot Control Advanced Accelerator and Brake Guard

The advanced pedal guard (model number 3573) is similar to the regular accelerator/gas and brake guard apart from it has greater clearance reducing the chances of accidental engagement. // // You’ll find a few key differences which makes this safer than the regular version.  The first is that instead of having a completely straight cover [...] Read more »

MPD Foot Control Adjustable Mounted Guard Pedestal

The adjustable mounted pedal guard pedestal is designed specifically for use with vehicles with floors lower than usual cars, such as minivans. // // One of the problems with regular pedal guards is that they’re unable to reach up high enough to fully protect the pedal.  In fact in most instances the distance is so [...] Read more »

MPD Foot Control Accelerator Guard

The accelerator guard is designed to allow people with the use of their left leg the ability to use the brake pedal while protecting their gas pedal from accidental usage. // // Personally I think of you can use your left leg then there’s no point getting an gas cover guard if you want to [...] Read more »

MPD Foot Control Accelerator and Brake Guard

This is Mobility Product and Design’s regular pedal guard which is designed to stop your feet accidently engaging the acceleration or brake pedals. // // The MPD 3571 (model number) consists of two different sections – the floor plate and the cover guard, which work in tandem to stop feet either pressing on top of [...] Read more »

MPD Foot Control Accelerator and Brake Guard on Lowered Floor

Although not mandatory pedal guards are an integral part of the car equipment required for driving as a disabled person, and the model 3572 is specifically designed for lowered floor vehicles such as vans. // // Without having a barrier between your legs and the pedals there’s the chance that your legs/feet could accidently move [...] Read more »

MPD Foot Controls

Mobility Products and Design offers two main different types of foot controls, the first being pedal guards and the second being their left foot gas accelerator.  You can read about each specific model below via the links below, or read our overview on each one on this page. Find out about the different models by [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Pedals

MPS Monarch only offers basic which are designed to be incorporated with their hand controls.  Generally the appropriate pedals are included in the price with the hand controls which you purchase and have installed.  You can find out everything on their three specific models by following the links below, or read a less detailed paragraph [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Accelerator Guard Pedal

The Accelerator Pedal Guard is manufactured by MPS Monarch to protect the gas pedal from accidental engagement by a foot. // // This is generally used in conjunction with hand controls or a left gas pedal, and it’s designed as a safeguard.  Interference with the pedal which is being used by a hand control can [...] Read more »

Car Pedal Equipment for Handicap Drivers

There are several different types of pedal equipment used in cars for handicap drivers, either to be used with hand controls or as standalone devices for various different purposes. // // On this page we’ll look at the different pedals out there, who they’re for and what they can achieve as well as all other [...] Read more »