Learning how to use Menox Driving Controls

Buying and installing the Menox driving controls is one thing, but actually learning how to use them is quite another.  One aspect of disabled driving which seems to be devoid of information on the internet is about actually driving when you’re a disabled person. // // Firstly I’ll quickly go over the law/rules regarding driving [...] Read more »

Disabled Drivers using Menox Mobility Aids

There are many reasons for disabled drivers using mobility aids by the manufacturer Menox, as well as reasons against.  Like every manufacturer it has its positives and negatives and the question you need to ask yourself is if they’re right for you.  In this instance it’s a matter of balancing the costs involved, the benefits [...] Read more »

How does Menox compare with other manufacturers?

Menox is considered one of the better manufacturers; even if it isn’t widely used on the level that MPS/MPD are.  This page is going to give a review which balances the main aspects of disabled driving – cost, capabilities and safety. // // Looking at things from purely a performance perspective it’s quite easy to see that [...] Read more »

Menox Handicapped Driving Equipment

Menox is a good choice for disabled driving because of some unique features of their handicapped driving equipment.  I’m not here to tell you they’re the best; because they’re not.  But for the right people they can play a significant part in making the driving experience much easier. // // This post is going to [...] Read more »

Menox Hand Control Demonstration on Video

One thing which troubles a lot of people when buying hand controls, and not just by Menox but other manufacturers, is that they can’t get a feel for what is actually going to happen and what everything’s about.  It’s one thing to read and learn about the technical and logistical sides of a disabled driving [...] Read more »

A cheaper alternative to the Menox disabled hand control?

One question which pops up a lot is what would be a similar but cheaper alternative to the Menox hand control, which incorporated most of the core features for disabled drivers. // // You’ll find that in most cases finding a hand control either by itself or with a mix of perhaps 1-2 other devices [...] Read more »

Mechanical Linkage for the Menox Hand Control

You’ll find that one aspect of the Menox hand control which makes it very popular is the mechanical linkage which reduces the amount of effort required for usage. // // I’ll briefly explain what mechanical linkage is, how it helps, and finally how these things all tie in with the Menox hand control.  The linkage [...] Read more »

Menox Hand Control Customization

One aspect of the Menox hand control which most people are pleasantly surprised with are its customization opportunities which are one of the most flexible in terms of what you can change and how you can change it. // // There are two different areas which will benefit the disabled driver, the first is adjustment based on [...] Read more »

Is the Menox Disabled Driving Hand Control worth the money?

There’s no doubt that the Menox hand control is one of the best out there, but on the other hand it’s all too east to get caught up in it being the ‘best’.  My opinion is that it’s good, very good in fact – but is it worth the price?  It’s my opinion that it’s [...] Read more »

Reducing the cost of the Menox Hand Control

It’s quite well known that the hand control which Menox manufacturers is one of the better ones out there, certainly one of the best.  But the fact is that the cost for it is… extortionate, and reducing the cost as much as possible is the purpose of this post.  Just before I get started, if [...] Read more »