Mechanical Linkage for the Menox Hand Control

You’ll find that one aspect of the Menox hand control which makes it very popular is the mechanical linkage which reduces the amount of effort required for usage. // // I’ll briefly explain what mechanical linkage is, how it helps, and finally how these things all tie in with the Menox hand control.  The linkage [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Europa Mechanical Brake and Accelerator Lever

The model 36800 Europa hand control is a mechanical brake and accelerator lever which is universally mountable on either the right or left side of the steering wheel. // // The instant advantage of having this type of side mounting is that your legs aren’t bumped by the linkage which spans from the handle to [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Push Pull Under Steering Wheel 36600

This particular hand control kit which is designed and manufactured by GuidoSimplex is one of their most basic models.  However in contrast to their competition the 36600 model is still relatively advanced with both mechanical acceleration and brakes. // // There are a few reasons why this is certainly set apart from its competition.  The [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Accelerator and Mechanical Brake Hand Controls

Even though Mechanical hand controls are the ‘best’ models of many different manufacturers across the world, it may be a pleasant surprise to you that for GuidoSimplex they’re actually some of the worst. GuidoSimplex Mechanical Push Pull Under Steering Wheel Handle 36600 All in all this is probably their most basic design, but ultimately for most people [...] Read more »

Menox Hand Control

There is only one Menox Hand Control, thankfully it’s so good that frankly they only need one and their design equals if not slightly excels the incredible Viegel designs.  The hand control is designed to be used by the right hand close to the gear stick in most American cars. // // It operates a [...] Read more »

Hand Controls which use Mechanical Linkage

One phrase which you may hear pop up a lot when reading about hand controls is ‘mechanical linkage’, but how do you use it and what exactly is it?  Find out below.// // Regular handicap hand controls operate by simply pushing down on the floor pedals using the strength in your hands and arm.  These [...] Read more »