A few Methods to Buying the Cheapest Hand Control Installations

When it comes to actually installing the hand controls you’ve purchased you won’t be surprised to find out there can sometimes be a very steep price attached. // // The main thing to look at when reducing the overall cost is getting the cheapest hand controls you possibly can. This is dictated by four important factors, [...] Read more »

Permanent Monarch Hand Controls Installation for Cars

You’ll find that Monarch (also known as MPS) Hand Controls are installed permanently in cars, let me explain everything. // // Firstly there are three different types of installations, permanent, semi-permanent and portable – and in this case you’ll find that the installations are permanent. This means that they require a trained mechanic to install [...] Read more »

Portable Hand Controls Installation Guide

If you’re looking for a guide outline the installation of portable hand controls there are just a few things you need to be aware of. // // Firstly they don’t need to be installed by a professional mechanic (which costs up to 100 dollars an hour for 2-5 hours for permanent models). No permanent modifications [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Hand Controls for Cars Installation and Use

You’ll find that the installation for MPS-Monarch is always a permanent fitting and the hand controls require modifications to the car’s structure.// // There are three different types of fittings, there are portable, permanent and semi-permanent.  Each one costs a different amount (aside from portable as it’s self-installed) and depending on the type of fitting [...] Read more »

Installation of Hand Controls and Disabled Car Equipment

If you’re interested in the process of hand controls and their installation as well as the best different types of disabled car equipment then you’ve found what you’re looking for.  Find out more below.// // When it comes to putting the hand controls onto your car there are different procedures based on how they’re designed [...] Read more »