GuidoSimplex Freedom System Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator

Out of every single possible GuidoSimplex hand control, you’ll find that the Freedom System is considered my many (and us) the most advanced.  Now considering that we consider that vast majority of their products top notch you can look at this as the ‘best of the best’ as so to say. // // This model features [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator

You’ll find that GuidoSimplex almost exclusively produces these types of advanced hand controls featuring electronic accelerators and hydraulically enabled brakes.  Find about about the different models which encompass this technology below. // // GuidoSimplex Joystick Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator GuidoSimplex Freedom System Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator A little information about this type of [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Hydraulic Power Assisted Brake Only Hand Control AS01

If you’re interested in the most advanced brake only hand control that’s available, then the AS01 hydraulically assisted power brake might just interest you. // // Firstly, before I get into things, I feel that I should put things into context so you can understand the absolute superiority and power of this model. It does [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Brake Only Hand Controls

You’ll find that GuidoSimplex produce some of the best brake only hand controls, featuring hydraulic at their most advances with mechanical models as standard and occasionally in combination with electronic action points for increased ease-of-use. GuidoSimplex Stationary Mechanical Brake Only Lever 911FST GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake Only Command Lever 907P GuidoSimplex Mechanical Long Arm Brake Only [...] Read more »