GuidoSimplex Freedom System Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator

Out of every single possible GuidoSimplex hand control, you’ll find that the Freedom System is considered my many (and us) the most advanced.  Now considering that we consider that vast majority of their products top notch you can look at this as the ‘best of the best’ as so to say. // // This model features [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Joystick Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator DGS01 EU

You’ll find that the GuidoSimplex Joystick is perhaps the most advanced driving hand control ever created and it’s just one aspect of the GuidoSimplex ‘total driving’ experience whereby every single aspect of disabled driving is taken care of as opposed to just the actual driving. // // One definite downside of this is that its [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator

You’ll find that GuidoSimplex almost exclusively produces these types of advanced hand controls featuring electronic accelerators and hydraulically enabled brakes.  Find about about the different models which encompass this technology below. // // GuidoSimplex Joystick Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator GuidoSimplex Freedom System Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator A little information about this type of [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Gas Over Ring Accelerator Wheel 906GV

You may or may not know that GuidoSimplex produces some of the best hand controls possible, and the 906 Gas Ring acceleration wheel is no exception.  It’s certainly a cornerstone of their advanced models, and you can find out everything about it – as well as the different (but very similar models) below. // // [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Pulsar Satellite Accelerator Only Pen 906 Elc

The 906 Elc is an accelerator only hand control pen, it’s held in one’s hands and is based on electronic technology; all it takes is the push of a button to activate the gas. // // There are a few reasons why the Satellite Accelerator is unique, the main one being that it’s near-effortless only [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Accelerator Only Hand Controls

There are a few reasons to build hand controls which are for acceleration only, and you’ll find that GuidoSimplex is one of the leading manufacturers of this type of disabled driving equipment. The first reason to use them is when you can still independently use your brake, and the second reason is if you want [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake and Electronic Accelerator 907P-EL

The model 907P-EL designed by GuidoSimplex is a hand control lever with a brake command and electronic accelerator. // // This is a manual controller as opposed to several of GuidoSimplex’s automatic designs which allow for acceleration/braking at the push of a button.  As far as manual hand controls go this is certainly a very [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Light Quad Electronic Accelerator and Mech Brake 2004

You’ll find that the 2004 GuidoSimplex series comes in two different versions with the ‘NL’ and ‘NS’, they’re identical aside from that the 2004ND comes with support for one’s wrist. // // These are hand controls which have an electronic accelerator and a mechanical brake. Having both of these aspects made completely automated is very [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Electronic Trigger Accelerator and Mechanical Brake 907 Elc

The 907 Elc is a very worthwhile hand control by GuidoSimplex and it’s automatic as opposed to manual such as most other hand controls by other disabled car equipment manufacturers are. // // This model is designed to allow easy to use braking and accelerating which requires far less effort than most other designs.  One [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator and Mechanical Brake 36200NL

The model 36200NL by GuidoSimplex is one of their finest automatic hand controls, and is an ‘all-in-one’ model allowing both acceleration and braking to occur in the same place with the most minimal of effort requirements. // // This particular model has two incarnations, the ‘36200NL’ and the ‘36201NL’, they are both exactly the same [...] Read more »