Brake only Handicapped Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

You’ll find that brake only hand controls are the perfect handicapped car equipment for disabled drivers who can still accelerate using one of their legs, but are not able to brake.  Find out more below.// // A lot of the man manufacturers out there only tend to cater to the most common group of people [...] Read more »

Disability Hand Controls Kits for Cars and Handicapped Drivers

When it comes to buying hand controls kits designed to be used with car by handicap drivers there are two different types of disability equipment you need to be made aware of.  Find out more below.// // There are two things which this can refer to – there are hand controls for disabled driving which [...] Read more »

Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Cost – get the facts, all costs included

When it comes to the costs involved for disabled drivers buying hand controls for their cars there are a number of costs you need to consider aside from just the price of the controls.  Find out more below.// // Now firstly the cost of this type of disability car equipment varies quite substantially, but at [...] Read more »

Interested in learning about Handicap Driving? Start here.

Handicap driving is something a lot of people haven’t heard of, and that’s not just non-handicapped people it’s a lot of disabled people too.// // Although it’s relatively unknown it is very possible for disabled people who have no use of their legs to drive around just like everyone else.  You may instantly think it’s impossible, [...] Read more »

Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

This page allows you to easily navigate and find out what Hand Controls are, their variation in price as well as the costs of car tax/disabled driver insurance and most importantly an on-going list of some of the oldest and most reputable Hand Control Manufacturers there are.  However bear in mind this page only provides general [...] Read more »

Disabled Hand Controls

Driving is seen by many as an essential part of growing up into adulthood as well as establishing a real sense of freedom, by utilizing hand controls for the disabled you’re allowing yourself the opportunity for real independence and travelling. // // This page is going to go over the benefit of utilizing hand controls for cars, as [...] Read more »