GuidoSimplex Duck Clutch Hand Control 942

This particular clutch hat control by GuidoSimplex, like the others, requires the use of at least one leg in order to be operated as a standalone product. Actually this isn’t exactly true, find out why, and more about the Duck Clutch 942 below. // // I said above that one extremity would be required, and [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Servo Clutch Hand Control 942

The Servo Clutch is very similar to that of the other automatic hand control clutches which GuidoSimplex has manufactured. // // The model 942 allows for the exact efficient and precision as the manual controlling of the clutch, without the associated delays and hindrances which are present.  This means that it’s only really suitable for [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Automatic Vacuum Clutch Hand Control 912

The 912 automatic driving clutch hand control utilizes a vacuum which does not cause any loss of the vehicle’s power in order to maximize effectiveness when a disabled driver uses the vehicle. There are several points which make this model useful for paraplegics. // // A clutch model is particularly useful for drivers who have [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Syncro Automatic Clutch Hand Control 932

The 932 Drive Clutch which is manufactured by GuidoSimplex is a hand control which allows complete control over the vehicle without needing the use of the left leg.  This is perfectly suitable to when automatic vehicles are not available, but does work on both.  However for automatic vehicles there are far better options available so [...] Read more »