MPS Monarch Parking Brake Extensions

The Parking Brake Extension(s) which is manufactured by MPS Monarch is designed to allow foot controlled parking brake pedals to be operated by the hand via a lever extension which reaches upwards under the dashboard close to the steering wheel. // // As with many of the different accessories which is on offer by MPS [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Drop Down Turn Signal

The Drop Down Turn Signal is an easy solution towards the problem of not having enough hands for both steering and using your hand controls, whilst trying to signal to other vehicles that you know wish to turn. // // Without this device you only have two other options, the first is with a control [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Driving Accessories

When it comes to the accessories which are manufactured to aid disabled drivers you’ll find that there are only various different extensions of regular car functions on offer.  These allow for the driver to centralize action points which are close to the steering wheel and hand controls for easy usage. Find out about the different [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Right Turn Levers

The Right Turn Lever is an extended turn signal lever which is placed just above the steering wheel and slightly to the right hand side.  This is an MPS Monarch manufactured driving accessory designed to allow a vital function of the car’s control to be located within easy reach from the steering wheel and other [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Gear Shift Extension

The Gear Shift Extension which is manufactured by MPS Monarch is generally designed to be used with their hand controls and provides easy access for drivers who need to change the gear whilst facing the constraints of their driving equipment. // // One issue with using hand controls is that they require one hand to [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Attachments

Most disabled drivers will use a steering wheel attachment to assist in the turning of the wheel using just one hand.  Hand controls require at least one hand which means that you’re limited to just one hand in which to turn the steering wheel, which can be difficult even for experienced drivers. Find out about [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Counter Balance

The Counter Balance which is produced by MPS Monarch is designed to be attached to the steering wheel and is used in conjunction with another attachment. // // The point of the counter balance is to offset the weight of additional equipment and so it’s placed directly opposite to the (for example) steering knob. This [...] Read more »