Sure Grip’s Steering Wheel Attachments and Aids

Sure Grip has a number of steering wheel attachments and aids which are very similar if not identical to that of most of its competition. Although this is a bad thing in many ways most of the products here have defined purposes and uses and are well established within the disabled driving community.

For example spinner knobs (otherwise known as steering wheel knobs) are incredibly popular when used in conjunction with hand controls.  In fact 90% of the people who come to this website looking for steering attachments are actually looking for steering wheel knobs (they just don’t know it yet).

Sure Grip Spin Master Spinner Knob


Spinner’s knobs are pretty much used by everyone who uses hand controls and plenty of people who don’t use them too for good reason.  They’re a cheap, effective and stable method of allowing the driver to turn the steering wheel with one hand without any problems occurring.

Sure Grip’s spinner knob is just like almost any other steering knob.  It can be purchased in three colors : black, grey or wood grain.  It’s designed to minimize any imprint damage left on your steering wheel and the red button is a quick release button which is why this is termed a ‘quick release steering knob‘.

Sure Grip's Spinner Knob

Here are some apparent benefits from Sure Grip’s website…

Additional User Benefits:

  • Spin Master is snugly fitted with two quality free-running ball racers
  • With its super clamping jaws, the spinner knob should not move once fitted
  • Due to its unique clamshell design, Spin Master provides a 3” clamping surface
  • Components are made from the same material used by mining companies for heavy-duty applications
  • Spin Master offers special leather grain etching to the knob section allowing it to match vehicle interiors
  • Australian engineered, the Spin Master is the most revolutionary spinner knob to hit the industry

Personally this doesn’t inform me of anything particularly interesting, they’re just a bunch of selling points which offer very little extra value.

Sure Grip Tri Pin


This is a pretty standard Tri-Pin grip… MPS Monarch, Mobility Products and Design, GuidoSimplex and a few others product identical tri-pin grips so this Sure Grip model isn’t anything special at all to be honest.

Sure Grip's Tri Pin Steering Wheel Attachment

Sure Grip’s Tri-Pin grip is specifically designed for drivers with minimal hand strength, weak wrists and weak gripping ability.  Either one, two or a combination of all three.  The wrist is enclosed in two foam padded pins, and supported by the steering wheel and aforementioned pins.

Turning the steering wheel with this particular one handed steering aid is much easier because of the driver has week gripping strength or wrist he can still leverage the two pins supporting his wrist with strength from his arm.  The whole purpose of the Tri-Pin steering attachment is to spread out the effort and energy required for turning the steering wheel from the driver’s fingers, wrist and hand to the arm too.   It’s useful for some people (for example driver’s with arthritis) as well as those who just want to be able to turn the steering wheel easier.

Sure Grip V-Grip


The V-Grip steering wheel attachment is a simple single pin with a metal cover to provide extra leverage to the back of the hand.  The point of the metal cover is to allow the driver to turn the steering wheel with one hand much easier.

Sure Grip's V-Grip Steering Wheel Attachment

Instead of relying predominantly on strength in the fingers and the hand’s grip strength the handicapped driver can use the back cover to use strength in the arm and shoulder for more effective one handed steering.

Sure Grip Single Pin


The Single Pin Sure Grip steering wheel aid is exactly the same as the V-Grip attachment above apart from it doesn’t have the back cover and consists of the single dark padded pin only.  It’s a decent attachment for many drivers who don’t need any other specialist attachments, but most people in this situation prefer steering knobs.

Sure Grip Amputee Ring


Do you think that just because you’re without one hand or forearm that you can’t turn the steering wheel?

Sure Grip's Amutee Ring Steering Aid

Amputee rings, sometimes referred to as amputee spinners allow an amputee driver to be able to turn the steering wheel with their usual amputee hook attachment.

The rings interconnect and allow the arm to turn the steering wheel with ease.  Sure Grip’s amputee ring is a simple but useful quick release design.


Sure Grip Palm Grip


Sure Grip's Palm Grip Steering Aid

For disabled drivers with reduced strength in their hands or wrist (for example because of arthritis or muscle diseases) then a palm grip is a perfect steering wheel aid which allows the driver to utilize the strength in their arm and should to turn the wheel.

The two metal outer fingers can be folded down to lock in the palm.



Sure Grip Counter Weight


Sure Grip's Steering Wheel Counter Weight

Sure Grip’s counter weight attachment is generally designed to be used in conjunction with other steering attachments to off set the weight they add to the steering wheel.  To be perfectly honest I don’t think there are that many people who will find this very useful because the weight of all Sure Grip’s steering attachments is negligible, but nevertheless if you have severely weak strength in your hands this may be useful.


Sure Grip Steering Wheel Extension


Sure Grip's Steering Wheel Extension Attachment

As you can imagine, for those with issues reaching the steering wheel an extension of the steering wheel would be of great assistance.  This is a simple attachment with multiple customization options.  Firstly you can choose the diameter and height of the steering wheel extension, plus it has quick release functionality so you can remove it when you want.  Finally it will fit any OEM steering wheel with no problems.