Sure’s Grips Secondary Car Function Controls (Turn Signals, Headlights, Brakes)

Secondary car controls are specifically designed to be used by disabled driver to allow them to quickly access car functions such as the turn signals or head lights.  This allows them to keep their hands on or close to the steering wheel or hand controls and hence makes driving safer and more comfortable.  Sure Grip has developed four different secondary controls which I’ll outline below.

Sure Grip has a number of different secondary car function keypads which each control different things.  One is for the horn only, whereas another controls many different aspects of the car.  There’s a lot of choice on offer and I’ll finish by saying that although this equipment isn’t usually necessary for driving with a handicap it certainly does make things a little easier.

Sure Grip’s Sure Switch


Sure Grip’s Horn Only Switch


Sure Grip’s Easy Spin RF 360


Sure Grip’s Signal Amplifier