Sure Grip’s Pedal Attachments

Sure Grip has a number of pedal attachments to assist driving with a disability.  Sure grip has two different left foot accelerators (also often referred to as left foot gas pedals), two different pedal guards and a pedal extension attachment.

Sure Grip has some of the most useful pedal attachments out of all of the different handicap car equipment manufacturers.  They feature all the basic pedal equipment which disabled people need but have their own unique features making everything much more useful.

Sure Grip Left Foot Accelerator with Electronic Auto Lock


Sure Grip Left Foot Gas Pedal with Auto Lock – The Auto Lock Out feature for this Sure Grip left foot accelerator makes the chance of accidental usage next to nothing.  The LFA is permanently mounted above the pedal and so doesn’t require holes or drilling at the bottom of the car.  This particular Sure Grip left foot accelerator (sometimes known as left foot gas pedals too) has a few interesting features which actually make it quite special (and I’m not just talking about Sure Grip’s Auto Lock feature).

If you don’t know much about LFAs (left foot accelerators) you can visit my page on left foot gas pedals for further information.  Essentially they’re a conversion pedal allowing for acceleration via a newly installed left pedal as opposed to acceleration with the standard right one.

Sure Grip's Left Foot Gas Pedal

So, concisely put, Sure Grip’s permanently mounted left foot accelerator has an auto lock out mechanism which prevents accidental usage.  If the LFA is not activated within 15 seconds of the car’s engine starting then the engine must be restarted.  This allows for drivers to drive by awkwardly positioning themselves around the extra left foot pedal (awkward but useful in emergency situations).  The left leg gas pedal is mounted above the pedals instead of below which is much more aesthetically pleasing and far less obvious that modifications have been made.  Furthermore its removal is likely to lower your vehicle’s value because the drilling won’t be visible.

Sure Grip Removable Left Foot Gas Pedal


Sure Grip Portable Left Accelerator Pedal – Removable LFGPs, usually known as portable left foot accelerators (PLFA) allows for the removal of the action parts of the left foot gas pedal.  The base is bolted to the floor (this model does require drilling holes) and cannot be removed, but the actual left foot gas pedal can be removed.  Removing the left foot gas pedal but leaving in place the base allows for the car to be switched to a regular car in moments.

This kind of equipment is very useful when used in conjunction with other removable equipment such as removable hand controls, and quick release steering wheel attachments.  It allows for your vehicle to be rapidly converted from completely disabled friend to ready for able bodied people in just 5-10 minutes.

Sure Grip's Portable Left Foot Gas Pedal

Removing the pedal section of Sure Grip’s removable left foot gas pedal involves unscrewing the thumb screw which will not require a screw driver.  A pedal guard for the original right gas pedal comes as standard, and the new left pedal is lightly oiled and can be purchased as either metal or padded metal.

Sure Grip Quick Release Gas Pedal Guard


Sure Grip Removable Gas Pedal Guard – The reason for the ‘removable’ aspect this pedal attachment by Sure Grip is the same as their removable LFGP and that is to allow for regular driving of the vehicle should a reason for such occur.  The base for the pedal guard is mounted on the floor but the actual pedal cover can be removed in just a few seconds.

Sure Grip's Quick Release Gas Pedal Guard

The reason for pedal guards is to prevent accidental engagement of pedals which would interfere with hand control operation.

Sure Grip Gas and Brake Pedal Guard


Sure Grip Gas and Brake Pedal Guard – The concept behind this piece of equipment is very similar to that of the quick release pedal guard above.  This is a simple pedal guard with a useful hand gap for easy installation and removal, you can purchase permanent or quick release versions but generally only the quick release ones are sold usually.  It’s a simple barrier which shields the gas and brake pedals from accidental engagement.

Sure Grip's Gas and Brake Pedal Guards

Sure Grip Pedal Extender


Sure Grip Pedal Extender – A simple piece of adjustable equipment providing between 2-4 extra inches of height to you.  Pedal extensions aren’t just for people who have a smaller than average height, they’re useful for a very wide range of people.

Sure Grip's Simple Pedal Extenders