Sure Grip’s Operating Handles

These operating handles are designed to be used in conjunction with several of Sure Grip’s hand controls as a way to allow people with weaker hands, wrists or grips to be able to drive more easily.

Essentially each operation handle consists of a small platform on which the driver rests his hand (retaining hand strength) plus a ‘grip’ section which is what the driver holds on to.  This kind of disabled steering wheel equipment is perfect for disabled drivers with arthritis or muscle problems affecting the hand.  The support platform plus effort-reducing grips allow for the handicapped driver to operate the hand controls far easier than if the driver were to have to exert constant effort in keeping the hand raised near the steering wheel or engage the hand controls without the intuitive grips.

There are four different operation handles below, and these works mainly with Sure Grip’s push and rock hand control, one operating handle works with Sure Grip’s push and pull hand control.  None of Sure Grip’s operating handles work with their push and twist or push and right angle hand controls.  Find out more below:

Sure Grip Tri-Pin Operating Handle

Sure Grip's Tri Pin Operating Handle


This is the standard Tri-Pin grip which is mounted vertically on a platform to provide support for the hand, while the two horizontal pins provide support for the wrist with the final outer pin providing something for the hand to grip onto.  As aforementioned the purpose of this entire unit is to provide both extra support and leverage to drivers using hand controls to allow people to utilize the strength in their arms to operate the floor pedals via the hand controls as opposed to relying too much on the strength in the driver’s hands.  The Tri-Pin operating handle is designed to work with Sure Grip’s Push and Rock hand control system only.

Sure Grip V-Grip Operating Handle

Sure Grip's V-Grip Operating Handle


The V-Grip operating handle by Sure Grip is also only available with Sure Grip’s push and rock hand controls.  The point of this particular model is to allow a driver with weaker gripping strength to leverage both the vertical handle and more important the cover at the back of the hand for extra leverage.  Instead of relying on pure strength in the hands the cover for the back of the hand (next to the single pin which you hold onto) is designed to allow the driver to leverage strength in their arm and shoulder and not rely so much on their hands to operate the hand controls.

Sure Grip Quad Grip Operating Handle

Sure Grip's Quad Grip Operating Handle


Sure Grip’s Quad Grip operating handle is designed to be used with Sure Grip’s push and pull hand controls.  The purpose of the horizontal Tri-Pin Grip is to allow the driver with hand impediments to be able to firmly slot his hand in between the pins.  How exactly he does this is up to him but generally the first two pins are used to support the wrist with the final outer pin being used to hold on to.  This allows the driver great leverage and support to push the hand controls forward to brake and pull backwards to accelerate.

Sure Grip Stubby Operating Handle

Sure Grip's Stubby Operating Handle


The ‘Stubby’ operating handle is designed to be used with Sure Grip’s push and rock hand controls and it’s essentially a knob which requires little gripping using one’s fingers.  The point of the Stubby operation handle is to allow people with, for example arthritis, to operate the hand control system even though their fingers or grip strength are weakened.  This relies on the power of the driver’s palm, arm and shoulder strength and is aimed at people with limited hand movement.  In many ways it’s comparable to Sure Grip’s palm spinner steering attachment which is aimed at utilizing the driver’s palm to turn the steering wheel and moves away effort from