Sure Grip’s Push Twist Hand Control

The push twist hand control which is manufactured by Sure Grip is one of the reasons I like reviewing and researching hand controls – because it’s interesting, useful and innovative.  So far I’ve not yet encountered any other hand controls which are operated by the push twist engagement system.  This makes it a wholly unique hand control and I’d recommend giving this page your full attention to see if the Sure Grip Push Twist Hand Controls system is suitable for you.

What’s special about the push and twist hand controls is the method of operation.  For example push pull hand controls require you to push forwards to engage the brakes and pull backwards to accelerate.  But whereas push pull hand controls are very common, a push twist design (pushing to brake and twisting the handle in a similar fashion to a motorcycle) is completely unique. I’ve looked over and reviewed literally nearly a hundred hand controls and I’ve never seen anything like this.

If you’ve enjoyed using a motorcycle in the past this very well could be for you because the movement required to accelerate your car via the push twist hand control is almost identical to that of a motorcycle.

The handle which your hand uses to engage the control rods to operate the pedals is placed horizontally next to the steering wheel and it also features an secondary handle a few inches in front of the main handle.  This is designed to be clenched by the fingers to allow for extra leverage and make it easier to twist the handle.  The design itself is similar to that of a bicycle’s handle and brake levers, with your fingers clenched around the brakes.

Sure Grip's Push Twist Hand Control

Like all of the other hand controls by Sure Grip the control rods which connect the pedal attachments to the handle are raised as high as possible with modifications made to the dashboard to ensure minimal contact between the legs and control rods.  Again, like all of the other Sure Grip hand controls the Push Twist model comes with Auto Lock Out as standard which allows for the hand controls to be disabled by the flick of a switch and the car to be drive normally.

Sure Grip is a manufacturer of hand controls and other disabled driving equipment. You can find out more about their hand controls by visiting my page on Sure Grip hand controls.  I’ve also written brief extracts about the main points about Sure Grip’s different hand controls below as well:

The Push and Rock Hand Control which is by Sure Grip utilizes a unique vertical handle to minimize space requirements and create an easier driving experience. Perfect for small cars, large drivers or for people who want to absolustely minimize contact between control rods and their legs, feet and laps.

The Push and Right Angle Hand Control which is by Sure Grip doesn’t have any particularly special qualities which aren’t found elsewhere. The exact type of operation plus similar design are found elsewhere by its competitors.

The Push and Pull Hand Control which is by Sure Grip too also doesn’t have any particularly unique qualities. As a matter of factor push pull hand controls were the first type of operation mechanisms developed (pushing to brake, pull backwards to accelerate) and similar hand controls to this can be found elsewhere.

Review of Sure Grip’s Push Twist Hand Controls System


As with almost all of Sure Grip’s hand controls (and the hand controls by every other brand apart from perhaps GuidoSimplex) the only real difference between the push twist and the other 3 hand controls is the handle.  But really the handle is one of the most important parts.  Being able to feel comfortable and move the handle in a way which causes the less strain on you is incredibly important.  That’s why I personally think that the push twist mechanism is to be commended.  It’s not just because it’s different from Sure Grip’s hand controls it’s because nothing like this exists elsewhere.

The ability to engage the pedals by twisting the handle is something I’ve never seen before, and I’ve created an entire organization with the focal point being handicap hand controls.  Whereas their three other hand control operation systems (push pull, push and right angle and push rock) all have comparatively similar products designed by different brands the same cannot be said of their push twist hand control.  There’s going to be a small but significant minority of handicapped drivers who much prefer the push twist mechanism and for them Sure Grip’s push twist hand control will be incredibly useful.

I would recommend finding out whether the ‘feel’ of this hand control is right for you and whether you find it superior to the alternatives.  So you need to get yourself down to a mobility dealership or else consider purchasing portable driving controls online!

Comparison against other Hand Controls Systems


A comparison of the push twist hand control and other hand controls by other brands is a little difficult because it has no like-for-like competition.  Whereas push pull hand controls are made everywhere by almost every manufacturer of hand controls, Sure Grip’s push twist device is completely unique.

That said, the main difference between this and all of its rivals is the method of engagement which is the pushing forward motion to brake and twisting motion to accelerate.  This is a manual hand control and although the control rods between the pedals and handle uses mechanical linkage to reduce the amount of effort require for operation it still requires laborious physical effort.

A comparison between the Sure Grip push twist hand control and its competitors in this sense is easy because any type of technology which affects the engagement of the hand controls on the pedals which is superior than requiring manual force is also superior to this hand control.

That means, for example, that GuidoSimplex has a whole range of electronic and hydraulic hand controls which are simply superior and easier to use.  Accelerating by pushing a button and holding it down is going to be far easier than pulling back a handle, or in this case twisting in like a motorcycle.

Whether you want to find out more about Sure Grip’s push twist model requires the question “is the push and twist operation method for me?” and if you think it will be especially suited for you (perhaps you used to ride a motorcycle) then you’ll need to find a mobility dealership which will both sell and install it for you.