Sure Grip’s Push Pull Hand Control

The Sure Grip Push Pull hand controls system is a very standard, simple set of hand controls with only a few unique features about it.  Whether you would choose this hand control or several of there others is based principally around how comfortable you feel with each hand controls system, and generally that means going to a car mobility dealership and getting a feel for things yourself.  This page is going to address its standard and unique features, plus a very concise comparison.

Let’s go over some of the unique features first.  There’s really just one or two very minor but somewhat useful unique aspects to this push pull hand control which may very well make it useful depending on your specific requirements.  The main thing is that the handle for the hand control is positioned very close to the steering wheel.  This allows for the driver to operate the hand control’s handle with his palm and keep his fingers clenched on the steering wheel for support.  The handle is angled in a way to aid the driver’s ability to both hold onto the handle and the steering wheel at the same time.  This is the Sure Grip push pull hand control’s special features – nothing particularly special in my opinion.

Operation of the hand control requires the driver to push forward to brake and pull backwards to accelerate, this is all done horizontally.

Essentially this push pull hand control is a manually powered hand control with simple mechanical linkage within the control rods.  Mechanical hand controls are designed to allow for the smallest amount of effort input possible and essentially they do not waste the energy which your hand provides.  It is of course a manual hand control and doesn’t feature anything like electronic or hydraulic engagement.  Hydraulic driving equipment for disabled people is fairly rare but electronic is very common and if you require it you can operate your car by simply pushing a button.  Manual hand controls require the hand (and arm) to input the same amount of effort that the feet would require.

Sure Grip's Push Pull Hand Control

Sure Grip’s push pull hand control also arrives with Auto Lock Out installed which allows for the hand controls system to be disabled by flicking a switch.  However these hand controls are permanently installed which means that you cannot remove them from your car without the help of a mechanic (unless you really know what you’re doing!).  Modifications to the dashboard are made and the push pull hand controls are integrated into the car.

Sure Grip is a manufacturer of hand controls and other disabled driving equipment. You can find out more about their hand controls by visiting my page on Sure Grip hand controls.  I’ve also written brief extracts about the main points about Sure Grip’s different hand controls below as well:

The Push and Rock Hand Control which is by Sure Grip utilizes a unique vertical handle to minimize space requirements and create an easier driving experience. Perfect for small cars, large drivers or for people who want to absolustely minimize contact between control rods and their legs, feet and laps.

The Push and Right Angle Hand Control which is by Sure Grip doesn’t have any particularly special qualities which aren’t found elsewhere. The exact type of operation plus similar design are found elsewhere by its competitors.

The Push and Twist Hand Control which is also by Sure Grip is one of their two unique hand controls because of its acceleration engagement mechanism. This involves twisting the handle for their hand control in a fashion similar to that of a motorcycle.

Review of Sure Grip’s Push Pull Hand Controls System


If I have to sum up these hand controls in two words they would be ‘distinctly average’.  The only useful thing about these hand controls is the positioning of the handle and this isn’t particularly rare in itself.  Perhaps one useful aspect is that some of Sure Grip’s more unique products such as their Auto Lock Out feature, and their secondary car function keypads can be used with this hand control.

Whereas Sure Grip’s hand controls are fairly average it has to be said that they do have plenty of unique added extras and accessories which are far more unique and useful then their standard hand controls.

That being said, this review is of Sure Grip HVL’s push pull hand controls and not their other products that would work well together with it, and therefore I stand by my statement of ‘distinctly average’.

Comparison against other Hand Controls Systems


Whereas many of Sure Grip’s hand controls are somewhat similar to their competitors I have to be honest and say this is pretty much exactly the same as products manufactured by Mobility Products and Design, MPS Monarch, Drive Master, GuidoSimplex and more.  But this isn’t to say it’s a bad thing.  In fact most of the first hand controls featured simple push pull mechanisms and the design was pretty much perfected a decade ago.  There’s only so much you can do with a handle, control rods and pedal attachments to be quite honest with you.

I think what would be more useful instead of saying that their hand control is basically the same would be to look at how their other products can interact with the hand control.  For example you can have secondary car function keypads attached to the steering wheel which allow you to operate turn signals, headlights and around a dozen other useful features.  There’s the Auto Lock Out system which is useful from a legal and operational perspective.  Many states require cars retrofitted for disabled use to be operated by able bodied people too, by locking out the push pull hand controls you can operate the car without Sure Grip’s equipment interfering.  Furthermore is also useful when sharing a car because you can switch between disabled and regular use in a matter of moments.