Sure Grip’s Hand Controls

In many ways Sure Grip hand controls are very similar to that of MPS Monarch’s hand controls.  They both have four hand controls which features almost identical methods of operation.  However one thing which is special about Sure Grip HVL hand controls is that they can be combined with Sure Grip Auto Lock Out which allows for the hand controls to be switched off at the flick of a switch and able bodied driving to commence.  Combine this with their secondary car function control keypads which can operate the turn signals, head lights and many other features from the comfort of the steering wheel and it’s clear to see that their hand controls when used in combination with their other products are very useful.  Find out more about hand controls by Sure Grip below.

All of Sure Grip's Hand Controls

Sure Grip’s Push Rock Hand Control


Sure Grip Push Rock Hand Controls – Sure Grip HVL’s push rock hand controls feature a vertical handle which is quite rare and is operated by easing the handle back to accelerate and pushing forward to brake.  This ‘rocking’ motion is designed to allow for the smallest amount of effort required, and some people will prefer the comfort of a vertical handle over a horizontal one.  Finally the vertical handle of the Push Rock hand controls allows for smaller equipment and installation methods which allows for the installation of these hand controls into smaller cars and tighter spaces.  This product does not impede the pedals.

Sure Grip's Push Rock Hand Control

Sure Grip’s Push and Right Angle Hand Control


Sure Grip Push and Right Angle Hand Controls – This Right Angle hand control features a horizontal handle to operate the hand controls as opposed to a vertical one.  The installation of the  handle is on the left side of the car with only the handle pivoting.  One advantage and disadvantage to Sure Grip’s push and right angle hand control is that only the handle pivots which increases the legroom for entry and exit.  The disadvantage to this is that permanent modifications to the dashboard are required which will undoubtedly lower the value of the vehicle.  The operation movement is pushing forward to brake and pulling downwards at a right angle to accelerate.

Sure Grip's Push and Right Angle Hand Control

Sure Grip’s Push Pull Hand Control


Sure Grip Push Pull Hand Controls – Push pull hand controls have been a staple of the disabled driving equipment industry for a long time and they’re operated by pulling horizontally backwards to accelerate and pushing forwards to brake.  What makes Sure Grip’s push pull hand controls a little different from their competition are the handle’s positioning close to the driver’s wheel, plus its angle position with regards to the steering wheel too.  These two aspects allow for one hand to operate the gas and brake pedals while also keep the fingers and part on the hand on the steering wheel to help steer the vehicle.  Sure Grip push pull hand controls are offer a few other useful key aspects too.

Sure Grip's Push Pull Hand Control

Sure Grip’s Push Twist Hand Control


Sure Grip Push Twist Hand Controls – Push and Twist hand controls by Sure Grip are pretty unique and I’ve not yet encountered them with the five main other hand control manufacturers.  Operation is similar to that of a motorcycle with a twisting motion required to accelerate.  There is a horizontal handle which also features a secondary handle for the fingers (the primary handle is where the palm rests) to assist in twisting.  As you can guess pushing forward on the handle engages the vehicle’s brake function.  The push twist mechanism is very unique.

Sure Grip's Push Twist Hand Control