Sure Grip’s Auto Lock System for Hand Controls and Left Foot Accelerators

Auto Lock (sometimes known as ‘Auto Lock Out’) is a unique product by Sure Grip that allows for their hand controls and left foot gas pedal to be disabled by the flick of a switch.  The two main purposes of Sure Grip Auto Lock are to be compliant with state laws, reduce accidents and prevent unauthorized usage.

Many states require certain aspects of modified disabled driving equipment to not interfere with the able bodied driving of a vehicle in case of an emergency.  All of Sure Grip’s hand controls, plus their left foot accelerators come fitted with Auto Lock Out as standard.

Manual Auto Lock


The Manual Auto Lock allows for the driver to flick the Auto Lock switch to the right to disabled the hand controls, and flick it back to the left to enable them.  This allows for the driver to be able to disabled the hand controls and stop anyone else from using the vehicle -but perhaps a more likely situation is that it allows the vehicle to be driven normally with the hand controls still installed.  The Manual Auto Lock system by Sure Grip is installed in all of their hand controls.

Sure Grip's Manual Auto Lock Out

Electronic Auto Lock


The Electronic Auto Lock is available (but does not come as standard) for their hand controls, but does come as standard for their left foot accelerator.  Just in case going through all the effort of flicking a switch was too much it’s now possible to automatically have your hand controls system or left foot accelerator disabled while doing even less.

Sure Grip's Electronic Auto lock Out

Sure Grip’s Electronic Auto Lock automatically disables all of the equipment installed in the car until you press a button to deactivate the Auto Lock Out.  The equipment will automatically be locked out every time the engine restarts.