Sure Grip HVL

Sure Grip, sometimes known as Sure Grip HVL is one of the leading manufacturers of hand controls and handicap car equipment on the United States.  There are four very popular Sure Grip hand controls, but Sure Grip HVL also feature a number of steering wheel attachments, pedal attachments, secondary controls and various other useful pieces of disabled driving gear.  You can find out more about their specific product lines below.

Sure Grip Hand Controls


Sure Grip’s Hand Controls – Sure Grip HVL features four useful hand controls which all feature different operation mechanisms for maximum ease of use.  Sure Grip has Push Rock, Push Pull, Push Twist and Push Right Angle hand controls which each require a different movement for you to engage either the brake or gas pedals.  Sure Grip’s hand controls are some of the most popular in North America and they’re widely sold at many vehicle mobility dealerships.

Example of a Sure Grip Hand Controls System

Sure Grip Auto Lock Out System


Sure Grip’s Auto Lock Out – The Auto Lock Out system is almost completely unique to Sure Grip and allows the driver to manually disable hand controls and left foot gas accelerators by flicking a switch.  This is incredibly useful in allowing normal operations of the car when necessary, as well as allowing for instant transferring to disabled ready driving.

Example of Sure Grip's Auto Lock

Sure Grip Pedal Attachments and Pedal Equipment


Sure Grip’s Pedal Attachments – Sure Grip has numerous pedal attachments including portable left foot accelerators, permanent left foot accelerators, pedal extenders, gas pedal guards and gas and brake pedal guards.  Their PLFAs and pedal extenders are somewhat unique and very few other disabled driving equipment brands manufacture them like Sure Grip HVL.

Example of a Sure Grip Pedal Attachment

Sure Grip Steering Wheel Aids and Attachments


Sure Grip’s Steering Wheel Attachments – Sure Grip’s steering wheel aids product range are almost identical to that of its main competition.  The reason for this is that they cover the most common requirements which disabled drivers need in order to turn the steering wheel easier.  There are far too many steering wheel attachments by Sure Grip HVL to go into (around 10) so I suggest you check out their specific page if you want to learn more.  Needless to say that you’ll almost definitely find what you’re looking for.

Sure Grip Operating Handles


Sure Grip’s Operating Handle – Although these operating handles aren’t unique they are a little difficult to find and have installed elsewhere.  Sure Grip has four operation handles which mount specific steering wheel attachments near the steering wheel which provide small platforms to rest one’s hands and wrist.  This reduces the effort require for steering and driving in general and for those with arthritis or weak hands/grip strength it is a must.

Sure Grip Secondary Car Function Control Keypads


Sure Grip’s Secondary Controls – One of the most important things about Sure Grip HVL is there range of secondary control function keypads.  Although these are not unique they’re very useful for drivers because they allow the operation of secondary car functions from a single keypad located on the steering wheel.  You can operate turn signals, the horn, headlights and many many other functions from the comfort of your steering wheel giving you unparalleled levels of control and safety.

Sure Grip Car Extension Equipment


Sure Grip’s Car Extension Accessories – Sure Grip has a number of different extensions to allow for easier disabled driving, and their extension controls feature products regarding the turn signals, parking brake, pedals, steering wheel and several more.  Sure Grip HVL certainly cover the most important extension accessories requires for handicapped drivers but their product range is perhaps a little limited when compared with MPD for example.