Steering Wheel Attachments for One Handed Drivers – Disabled Steering Equipment Aids

One handed drivers will all need steering wheel attachments for their car to ensure that their one hand is able to turn the steering wheel safely.  This page will concisely go over how one handed (or one armed) drivers can steer their car in comfort, plus the steering aids for one armed/handed drivers which are available for purchase offline and online.

Driving with One Hand – How Disabled People can Drive with One Arm and One Hand


For those of you who don’t know much about handicapped driving the prospect of driving a several ton car with only one hand to steer may seem like a daunting prospect.  But to those who drive one handed there’s nothing daunting about it whatsoever, in fact using steering aids to assist turning the car is an entirely normal procedure for many.

There are a few main groups of driver who benefit from one handed steering attachments.  Firstly there are paraplegics or drivers who can only use one leg and therefore require hand controls to operate the floor pedals.  These people almost always have two fully functioning hands (or a very advanced set of hand controls) because one hand is required to operate the floor pedals, and the other hand is required to properly steer the car.  Then there are people who drive with arthritis and require arthritic steering attachments, as well as people with MS, muscle diseases and many other health problems.

As you can imagine turning the wheel with only one hand is dangerous for protracted or even relatively short periods of time, and therefore solutions have sprung up to address this problem.  There are numerous steering wheel attachments which have been created for handicapped drivers and specifically one handed drivers.  These address numerous issues not just related to one armed steering but any situation where more than just the steering wheel is required for safe turning.  You can find out more about every single steering attachment aid available by clicking the link in this paragraph, or read about our most popular steering aid below.

Steering Wheel Spinner Knob Attachments for One Handed Steering


One of the most popular pieces of equipment for one armed steering is in fact the famous steering wheel spinner knob.  Generally how one handed drivers steer is by using the steering knob to create extra leverage and help turn the steering wheel via a pivot motion.  Using a hand knob is the best one to achieve this and there are a few reasons why they’re more popular than other products.  Firstly they’re more well known and some people have experience using them.  Secondly they’re incredibly cheap and you can buy them on websites such as Amazon or Ebay for about 10-15 dollars.  I’m not talking about buying cheap, shoddy products I’m talking about buying good value and effect steering aids.  Finally they’re also one of the simplest and most effective devices to use – but above all they’re incredibly intuitive to use.

On the right hand side of this page on this website’s sidebar there should be (at least at the time this page was published) a selection of the three most popular steering knobs people buy from this website.  The Heavy Duty steering knob is by far the most popular which people choose and it’s also incredibly cheap – but of course it’s up to you what you wish to purchase.

Is One Handed Driving Dangerous?


Absolutely not.  There’s nothing dangerous about driving with one hand if you have a little experience, the right equipment installed properly plus you’re a calm driver.  Here’s one statistic I bet you didn’t know – handicapped drivers are less likely than able bodied drivers to be involved or cause an accident, despite their disability.

Are guns dangerous?  Yes if they’re not used safely of course they’re dangerous, the same argument can be made of cars or planes or just about anything which takes a little responsibility.  Cars rarely cause accidents, people cause accidents – cars may enabled the person to cause the accident, cars open the statistical chance of an accident occurring – but they are not the trigger.  Just like on a gun, the trigger isn’t really the trigger – the trigger is the finger.

Driving with one hand is not dangerous, driving dangerously is dangerous.  Furthermore if you are interested in steering knobs (over 90% of people choose one which is incredible considering there’s quite a lot of choice out there) I suggest you read into the legality of steering using a knob.  You can read my post on the laws with regards to steering knobs which provides a general oversight.  Just remember to contact your local DMV authority to absolutely make sure they’re legal in your state.  Laws on driving (especially disabled driving) change from state to state so it’s imperative that you make sure that one handed driving (with steering aids) is legal where you live.  I feel I should point out that no one has ever emailed or commented saying that it was illegal, but I have had some interested emails from people who couldn’t use certain hand controls because they broke state laws.  Generally the Americans with Disabilities Act should prevent any unfair discrimination.

I hope you found my page on one handed driving useful and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me about the law, or equipment below in the comments section.

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