Steering Wheel Aids

Generally steering wheel attachments allow one handed turning of the wheel.  Almost all of the steering wheel aids below are designed to allow easier turning of the steering wheel with just one hand.  You can find out about the most popular attachment devices below – generally steering knobs are the most popular.

Steering Wheel Knobs – Handicap Spinner Knobs


Quick Release Steering Wheel Knob – This type of steering wheel attachment is by far the most popular and around 90% of sales are directly related to removable spinner knobs.  These are perfect for one handed turning of the car and making turning the steering wheel significantly easier.  I would list this product as a necessity, especially when used with hand controls.  Steering knobs are incredibly cheap and be delivered to your home in a few days.

RoadPro Spinner Knob

  1. RoadPRO Spinner Knob
  2. Allison Corp Heavy Duty Spinner Knob
  3. Type S Spinner Knob

Tri-Pin Steering Grips


Tri-Pin Grips – The second best.  The Tri-Pin steering device features two ‘single-pin’ handle extensions which extrude out from the steering wheel.  These cushion and support your wrist – plus they allow for extra leverage when turning the wheel.  The final third pin is  the one which you grasp with your hand.  If you’re not a fan of knobs then the Tri-Pin attachment device is recommended as a suitable replacement.

MPS Monarch Tri-Pin Steering Wheel Attachment

  1. MPD Tri-Pin Steering Wheel Aid
  2. MPS Monarch Tri-Pin Steering Wheel Attchment
  3. GuidoSimplex Tri-Pin Steering Device

Single-Pin Steering Grips


Single Pin Grips – Occasionally used but not very popular when compared to the Tri-Pin grips.  Essentially the single pin steering grip is a single handle which extends vertically out from the steering wheel and is used for easier steering.  It’s slightly cheaper in price than the T-P grip but frankly it’s quite inferior in terms of stability and support.

MPD Steering Control Single Pin Aid

Palm Spinners


Palm Spinner – Designed for people with poor hand strength and grasping problems.  The palm spinner is useful for drivers who arthritis (usually rheumatoid arthrisi) or a muscle impairing disability.  It allows control of the wheel via strength in the arm and palm as opposed to the fingers.  The metal encasing around the hand is malleable and can be molded to fit one’s hand for superior strength.

MPD Steering Control Palm Grip

  1. MPD Steering Control Palm Grip Aid
  2. MPS Monarch Palm Grip Steering Attachment

Amputee Spinners


Amputee Spinner – Designed for amputee driver’s with an amputee hook attachments.  A simple but effective device which allows the hook of the prosthetic amputee hand hook to connect to the amputee spinner ring.

MPD Steering Control Hook Grip

  1. MPD Amputee Hook Ring Grip Aid
  2. MPS Monarch Amputee Ring Attachment