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Mobility Plus California is a medium sized mobility shop offering a wide range of mobility aids for disabled or elderly persons. They do not sell handicap vans or handicap driving hand controls but they focus on almost every other single type of mobility equipment.


What Mobility Equipment does Mobility Plus of California Sell?


Mobility Plus sells a wide range of generalized mobility aids, both for outdoor use and travel as well as indoors for the home environment. A variety of powerchairs, wheelchairs, scooters, lift chairs and access ramps are just a few of the various types of equipment which Mobility Plus sells.

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Power Chairs


Mobility Plus of CA sells an incredibly wide variety of power chairs to suit every type of disability.  They have many different categories of power chair, such as the wheel positioning being at the back, middle or front, as well as portable, folding, heavy duty and rehab power chairs.

The prices for their products are a little expensive and generally start at around $1500 and can reach $8000 for the top of the range best power chairs.  They do however accept insurance as well as medicare/medicaid so that’s certainly something to look into.

Mobility Scooters


Mobility scooters are another big hit by Mobility Plus.  These power scooters are similar to power chairs but usually have at least three wheels and are designed for longer distance travelling.  They can also store personal items and be used for many more tasks.  They tend to be a larger, more stable type of mobility aid.

Mobility Plus CA sells travel scooters, heavy duty scooters, fast electronic scooters, 3 and 4 wheel scooters and finally suspension scooters.  Prices here are quite reasonable and start at around $1000 with around $5000 being the maximum you’ll pay for one of these electronic mobility scooters.



A variety of mobility ramps, single fold, multi-fold, threshold and modular ramps are available at quite competitive prices.  These are designed of course for wheelchairs but are suitable as ramps for mobility scooters and power chairs too.  These ramps are mainly suited to a home environment and due to their foldable nature can be potentially used as portable wheelchair ramps for use whilst travelling.  They could also potentially be used to enter a handicap van however they’re not specifically designed to do so.

Lifts and Racks


Mobility Plus sells wheelchair lifts for both the outside and inside of vehicles (generally handicapped vans) as well as micro lifts which are designed for smaller vehicles.  These are designed for vans however certain trucks and cars may also be suitable.  They also sell the 500-XL HD Hitch Carrier which allows for wheelchairs, scooters and power chairs to be transported via the carrier which is attached to the back of the vehicle.  There’s no need for a trailer with the hitch carrier!

All the different lifts are suitable for wheelchairs, power scooters and power chairs as well as just about anything else that is of a similar size and weight.  Pricing is between $2000 to $3500 dollars depending on which lift aid you purchase.  It’s worth noting they also sell battery packs and various mobility lift accessories for vans.

Home Access


For in the home use they sell porch mobility lifts and stair lifts.  Porch lifts are designed to allow disabled/elderly persons the ability to go up a small flight of stairs from their porch to almost inside their house.  Porch lifts are designed to generally cover only small distances.  Pricing here is around $4000.  Mobility Plus of California also sells stair lifts from $3000-$5000 which are designed to obviously go up your homes entire flight of stairs.

Lift Chairs


A variety of lift chairs are also available.  These are designed for home use and allow for disabled/elderly people to raise the angle of the lift chair allowing them to stand up very easily.  Mobility Plus of California sells 2 and 3 position electronic lift chairs which seems to me to be a waste considering they also sell infinite position e-lift chairs too.  They also sell ‘luxury’ lift chairs which have more padding and storage options but not much else.

Their electronic lift chairs cost around $900-$1400 and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Where is Mobility Plus of California?  Location and Contact Details


See below where exactly Mobility Plus CA is located in California. Below is up-to-date and correct information that will allow you to get into contact with them.

Mobility Plus CA Outside Picture

Mobility Plus of California Outside Picture

Mobility Plus is a medium sized business with a wide range of mobility aids at slightly more expensive than average prices.  Although slightly expensive the great thing about their business is they have a physical store which you can visit and examine mobility equipment and even test some for yourself to find out which works best for you.


Contact Information


Phone:(209) 552-2244

Toll Free: 888-466-5533

Email: Info@MobilityPlusofCA

Website: Mobility Plus of California



627 Galaxy Way

Mobility Plus of California Map View Zoomed Out

Mobility Plus of California Map View Zoomed Out


Mobility Plus CA close up map

Mobility Plus CA close up map

Other Services by Mobility Plus of CA


As well as the main products mentioned above Mobility Plus also sells bathroom safety equipment, hospital beds, mobility accessories, pain control and home access equipment.