Ability Center at Long Beach, California

The Ability Center at Long Beach of California is located around 4km inland and is situated near Lakewood and Bellflower.  It is one of six Ability Center mobility shops in California and sells all types of mobility equipment – both physical mobility equipment and adaptive vehicle equipment.


What Mobility Equipment does Ability Center of Long Beach Sell?


Ability Center of Long Beach sells a variety of mobility products for both elderly and disabled people.  One of the main products is their array of handicapped accessible wheelchair vans.  But they also sell home and outdoor mobility equipment as well as handicapped driving aids.


Ability Center CA of California Logo

Handicapped Van


Unfortunately when it comes to Ability Center’s website it’s impossible to directly compare the costs of their handicapped vans when compared with their competitors.  This is because you need to call them to obtain the price per accessible handicapped van.

On the other hand they stock literally over one hundred different types of handicapped van.  This means that in terms of variety as well as price variation you would have a hard time finding better.  Expensive all in one handicapped vans with electric ramps, lifts and even hand controls are all on offer – as well as cheap and basic vans with manual ramps and basic equipment.

Driving Aids for Cars


Many elderly and disabled people have trouble operating their vehicles without additional driving equipment.  Equipment such as hand controls for cars, steering wheel attachments, pedal replacements, car function control pads and more allow for many people with mobility problems to drive their vehicle relatively easily.

Many people actually don’t know that paraplegics can drive at all – all it takes is a set of hand controls and most paraplegics are ready for driving after just a few days.

Wheelchair Lifts


Ability Center of Long Beach sell a number of useful wheelchair accessible lifts.  They sell four different wheelchair lifts by Ricon.  These are very high quality and compact wheelchair lifts designed for accessible vehicles such as vans.  These tend to be hydraulic wheelchair lifts but also feature electric wheelchair lifts too.

There four wheelchair lifts by Ability Center:

  1. Ricon Klearvue Wheelchair Lift
  2. Ricon Clearway Wheelchair Lift
  3. Ricon Reliant Wheelchair Lift
  4. Ricon UNI-lite Aluminum Wheelchair Lift

These wheelchair lifts are generally installed into handicapped vans for an easier and more comfortable experience.



Ability Center of Long Beach California sell many types of handicapped accessible ramps.  For example multifold Ramps are very useful for outdoor use but even have indoor applications too.  There are also detachable wheelchair ramps which can be dismantled into two separate pieces for easy transportation.

Most of the various ramps have strong welded fabrication for added strength, are lightweight and easy to set up.  Finally, almost all have non-slip surfaces specially designed for the wheels of wheelchairs to create for an even safer experience.


Where is Ability Center of Long Beach?  Location and Contact Details


See below where exactly the Long Beach branch of Ability Center is located in California. Below is up-to-date and correct information that will allow you to get into contact with them.


Outside Streetview of Ability Center Long Beach

Outside Streetview of Ability Center Long Beach

Contact Information


Phone:(562) 634-5962

Fax: (562) 634-0400

Email: Contact Form on Website Only

Website: Ability Center of Long Beach




2715 Seaboard Lane

Long Beach




Ability Center of Long Beach California, Zoomed Out Map

Ability Center of Long Beach California, Zoomed Out Map

Ability Center of Long Beach California, Zoomed In Map

Ability Center of Long Beach California, Zoomed In Map


Other Services by Ability Center of Long Beach


Ability Center of Long Beach, California sells almost every single type of mobility equipment.  They have six locations in California alone and many options for handicap vans, wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, lifts and many more types of equipment which you may not even have known existed at all.