Team Adaptive Alabama – Handicapped Vans and Mobility Equipment

Team Adapative, a medium sized company with three mobility dealerships across the country offers mainly handicapped vans for sale as well as modifications to customers existing vehicles to allow for disabled use.

What Mobility Equipment does Team Adaptive Sell?


Team Adaptive of Alabama sells wheelchair accessible handicapped vans starting at around $20,000 and reaching around $50,000 at the most.  They also offer vehicle conversions and modifications which allow their customers to modify their vehicles based on their specific requirements.

Team Adaptive Handicapped Vans Alabama

Team Adaptive Medical Logo

Although Team Adaptive mainly sells handicap van related products they also sell driving aids such as hand controls and steering wheel attachments.  They also sell non-vehicle related mobility equipment such as wheelchairs – both manual and electric.  As well as ramps, wheelchair transfer seats, platforms and several other types of generalized handicapped equipment.

Team Adaptive Medical Zoomed Out

Team Adaptive Alabama is located in Bolton’s Branch Commercial Park


Wheelchair Accessible Handicapped Vans


Team Adaptive mainly sells handicapped vans which are almost all wheelchair accessible.  These handicapped vans are retrofitted vehicles from well known car manufacturers such as by Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota and Chevy.  Prices vary substantially but on average around $30,000 for a good van is a reasonable price.  Cheap vehicles are also available.

As well as selling handicapped vans Team Adaptive also rents handicapped vans too.  Rental costs start at $115 per day for renting on a daily basis (under a week).  For one week the rental price per day is $100 and for longer term rentals you need to get in touch and negotiate a price with them.  Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Uniquely Team Adaptive offers repairs to handicapped vans, mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs.  Although other handicapped van dealerships offer this kind of service many do not.  This is particularly useful for handicapped people with broken devices that do not want to purchase a new device when repairing their broken device is going to be significantly cheaper.

Driving Aids for Disabled Drivers


Team Adaptive also offers hand controls for vehicles, steering wheel attachments, pedal extensions, left side foot accelerator and various other types of equipment.  On their main website they neglect to mention the brands of equipment they actually sell, and from enquiries it seems that although they do offer driving aids they mainly sell handicapped vans and modifications for other vehicles.

Handicapped Vehicle Equipment


As well as selling wheelchair accessible vans they also sell equipment which people can have installed onto vans which they already own.  Wheelchair and scooter tie downs allow for the equipment to be attached to the outside of the van so that it can be transported to specific destinations.  They also sell van lift platforms allow easy entry into the van, as well as ramps which also make entering the vehicle much more comfortable.

Where is Team Adaptive Medical Alabama – Location and Contact Details


See below where exactly Team Adaptive is located in Alabama. Below is up-to-date and correct information that will allow you to get into contact with them.

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Contact Information:


Phone: 251 471 1088
Email: Contact Form on website only
Website: Team Adaptive Medical



1251 Bolton’s Branch Drive

Team Adaptive Alabama Map Zoomed In

Zoomed in map picture of Team Adaptive Medical around 5km south west of Mobile in Southern Alabama


Team Adaptive Alabama Map Zoomed Out

Team Adaptive Medical is near the coast

Other Services by Team Adaptive Medical Alabama


As well as the handicapped vans, products and services I’ve mentioned above there are a few different types of products on offer too.  It’s worth pointing out that Team Adaptive only sells mobility and vehicle equipment – not home mobility equipment.  They also sell jump seats, valet seats and wheelchair transfer seats.

Team Adaptive Medical only sells equipment to aid in driving, or moving – and not equipment such as reach extenders or other types of handicapped accessories.