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Sylacauga Handicap is situated in central Alabama in a tiny town called Sylacauga.  It sells a wide range of mobility products including but not limited to handicapped vans, driving controls and the associated assistive equipment and finally other useful mobility products such as scooters.  Sylacauga Handicap’s location is perfect if you live in cities such as a Birmingham, Hoover, Bessemer, Montgomery and you’re looking for handicapped mobility equipment.

Sylacauga Mobility – what they sell


Sylacauga Handicap is a mobility dealership which specializes in handicapped ramp vans (both the sale of handicap vans plus they offer reasonable rental options), disabled driving equipment (mainly Mobility Products and Design), scooters, scooter lifts, people lifts, electronic power chairs and finally vehicle entry assistance equipment which are primarily aimed at wheelchair users.

Hand controls


Sylacauga Handicap sells hand controls by Mobility Products and Design and Menox.  The MPD hand controls are the 3500 hand control product range.  This include’s MPD’s 3500F, 3500K, 3500KX and 3502WHD hand controls.  The first three products starting with the ‘3500’ prefix are essentially the exact same hand control apart from that the handle for actually using the control is altered from version to version.  This caters two type groups of disabled drivers – those with a disability requiring a specific handle type and those who simply prefer a specific handle type for comfort reasons.

The 3500F model is a standard foam padded straight handle, the 3500K is a round spherical plastic knob with no foam padding and the 3500KX is also a plastic knob handle apart from it’s mounted on a rotatable offset mechanisms.  The offset mechanism allows for you to rotate the handle’s position 360 degrees and then lock it into your preferred position.  It’s a nice little innovation which is only done by Mobility Products and Design so if you think that feature would be useful for you then don’t bet on finding it elsewhere.

MPD’s 3502WFD hand control is a little bit special because although the mechanisms are the same the handle isn’t really a handle at all.  It’s actually a foam padded hand and wrist platform which allows you to rest the entirety of your hand on top while allowing your fingers the ability to grasp the outermost edge and operate the gas and brake pedals.  This is designed specifically for people with weak hands or grip issues and allows drivers with ailments such as arthritis (generally rheumatoid arthritis) to be able to operate the acceleration and brake pedals much more easily.

Slyacauga Handicap also offers the Menox hand control which is more advanced than all the MPD hand controls I mentioned above put together.  There customization options are endless and although I could talk about it all day I suggest it would be best for you to check out the page which I’ve linked to in this paragraph about Menox’s hand control because it’s far too much for me to briefly go over like I’ve done for MPD’s devices.

Handicap Ramp Vans


Sylacauga Handicap Inc also both sells and rents out handicapped ramp vans.  These are regular lowered floor vans which Sylacauga Mobility have installed wheelchair ramps on.  They offer a number of ramp vans including ramps with both electronic and manual extension mechanisms.  If you’re on a budget then you can save a lot of money simply by going for a fold out wheel chair ramp for your van.  They have a number of different handicapped vehicles by Entervan, Chrysler, IMS Rampvans, General Motors, the Ford Freestar and KIA Sedona.

You can either purchase a one of their disabled vans or rent one.  The rental pricing options are pretty reasonably and for 1-6 days you’ll have to pay 100 dollars per day, 7-27 days you’ll pay 80 dollars per day and for 28 days plus you pay 55 dollars a day.  These prices do not include an 8% sales and if you drive over 150 miles per day (they take an average figure over the duration you have the van) they charge 25 cents per extra mile.

To rent a handicapped vamp from Sylacauga Handicap Inc you do need to meet a few set of requirements.  Firstly you need to be at least 21 years old, have a valid credit or debit card for the handicapped van’s deposit.  You also need a valid driver’s lisence and proof of insurance.

Other Mobility Products


Sylacauga Mobility also sells scooters which obviously work perfectly in tandem with their handicapped vans.  They specialize in selling mobility scooters by Jazzy and Pride Mobility Products Corporation.  They sell the Jazzy 1103 Ultra scooter, the Go Chair and finally the Jazzy 1650 scooter.

Electronic scooters are great but if you want to go on a real day trip out or simply to buy the groceries then you need some method of transferring the scooter into your vehicle.  This is managed via scooter lifts and they have inside and outside scooter lifts and they offer both manual and electronic mechanisms.  They also sell wheelchair lifts  which are for the outside of the vehicle.  They sell many different types of scooter lifts (over a dozen) so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

The finally assistive mobility products I’m going to quickly go over are their entry assistance mechanisms for their handicapped vehicles.  These include the ‘Glide ‘n Go’ power lift seat which is designed specifically for trucks.  This installation is a swiveling seat mechanism which allows easier entry and exit from wheelchairs.  They also stock a ‘Power Lift Chair for Trucks’ manufactured by Easy Reach.

Sylacauga Mobility – location and contact details


The Front of Sylacauga Handicap Inc

The weather for this day was clearly awful but this rather unflattering pictures shows a frontal image of Sylacauga Handicap Inv



Sylacauga Mobility Close in Map

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Address: Sylacauga Handicapped, Inc.
1304 Talladega Highway 
Sylacauga, AL 35150

Contact Details


Phone:  256.249.3717

Phone toll free:  888.249.3717

Fax: 256.245.1788

Email Address:

Sylacauga Mobility’s Website – Sylacauga Mobility