High Tech Mobility – Handicap Van Conversions, Hand Controls and Home Equipment

High Tech Mobility in Alabama is a small sized handicap vehicle conversion dealership which specializes in handicap vans, hand controls and various home mobility equipment.  For a relatively small company they sell quite a wide array of equipment.


What Mobility Equipment does High Tech Mobility Sell?


High Tech Mobility sells handicap pool lifts, disabled strollers, various wheelchairs (such as by Colors and Dalton), lock restrains, stand lifts, lift chairs, hand controls (such as by Menox and Sure-Grip HVL), handicap mobility vans and conversions and other more generalized equipment.


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Hand Controls for Cars


High Tech Mobility sells and installs handicap driving hand controls by a variety of manufacturers.  They stock and install hand controls by some of the main manufacturers such as Menox, Mobility Products and Design and Sure-Grip HVL as well as hand controls by other smaller and less well known companies.


The price for purchase and installation for these hand controls costs around $1000-$2000 depending on which type of hand controls system you decide upon.  For example Menox hand controls are notoriously expensive usually costing at least $2000 for the hand controls as well as paying for installation.  Mobility Products and Design (MPD) and Sure-Grip HVL are cheaper and cost between $1000-$1500 for purchase and installation.


Menox Hand Control

A close up picture of the Carospeed Menox Hand Control – this is the lever’s handle which you operate by pushing and pulling.


If these prices are starting to sound too expensive it’s worth checking out our own shop.  We sell our portable hand controls systems in Alabama.  Our prices star at $300 and are self-installed allowing for significant savings on the part of our customers.  You can see our handicap hand controls shop here.

Handicap Van Conversions and Renting


High Tech Mobility also offers a variety of handicap accessible van conversions which have ramps and lifts and are wheelchair friendly of course.  They also rent wheelchair accessible vans on a daily basis (costing $125 per day for short rental periods) or on a three to six month basis at discounted rates.


It’s worth noting that High Tech Mobility of Alabama do not sell their own handicap vans but merely modify existing vans or vehicles which their customers have.  Their van conversions all for the installation of lifts, ramps, platforms and other vehicle modifications which allows a much safer and relaxing experience for handicapped persons.

Stair Lifts


As well as providing handicap car equipment for driving a vehicle or accessing a van they also sell handicap equipment designed for a disabled person’s home.  They offer a variety of stair lifts such as by the manufacturers Bruno and Acorn.  These include straight as well as curved rail stair lifts as well as providing both indoor and outdoor stair lift modifications for your home.

Lift Chairs


High Tech Mobility also sells lift chairs for home use.  These are electronic chairs which allow the user to raise their chair by simply pushing a button.  These are useful for people who have difficulties standing, as well as for people who need help to move from their chair into a wheelchair or zimmerframe.  The lift chairs which are sold are manufacturer by Pride Mobility, Gold Technologies and Med-Lift.

Scooters, Wheelchairs and other Mobility Equipment


Finally, High Tech Mobility sells a variety of walking and mobility aids such as scooters, wheelchairs, standers, strollers and walkers.  The variety of walking aids which they sell allow for disabled/elderly people with minor mobility problems (such as a broken/injured leg) to people with paraplegia to be able to safely and comfortably move in day to day life.  Whether you need a wheelchair because you cannot walk at all, or if you just need a little extra stability there are enough aids here to suit almost everyone’s needs.


Where is High Tech Mobility?  Location and Contact Details


High Tech Mobility is located near Birmingham in central Alabama.  From the centre of Alabama it’s around 20km away.  High Tech Mobility is quite a small adaptive car equipment centre compared to most other businesses of this type.


High Tech Mobility Alabama Building Zoomed In

Contact Information


Office: (205) 491-2109

Fax: (205) 491-7772

Toll Free Sales: 1 877 791-2333


Website: High Tech Mobility Alabama




141 Church Avenue






High Tech Mobility Large Map View

High Tech Mobility is located 20km west of Birmingham in central Alabama.


High Tech Mobility Small Map View

It’s a very small adaptive car equipment business compared with most of its competition.


Other Services by High Tech Mobility


As well as offering the products and services listed above High Tech Mobility of Alabama offers various other handicapped equipment.  These include selling various types of equipment as well as home modifications not mentioned here.