Griffin Mobility – Griffin Medical Mobility Product Dealer

Griffin Mobility (otherwise known as Griffin Medical) is a mobility products dealership which operates in North Alabama – they install and sell an incredibly wide range of automobility products.

What Mobility Equipment does Griffin Mobility sell?


Griffin Mobility sells a surprisingly wide range of handicapped driving aids although perhaps it isn’t so surprising considering the lack of mobility dealerships in Alabama in general.  They sell hand controls plus assisted driving aids which are generally used in conjunction with the aforementioned hand controls, plus they also sell a wide range of modified vehicles or they can convert your current vehicle assuming it fits into their required specifications.

Griffin Mobility Logo

Hand Controls


The hand controls which Griffin Mobility sells are Sure Grip hand controls as well as Veigel hand controls.  With regards to Sure Grip they sell all four of their available products – the push-rock, push-right angle, push-twist and push-pull hand controls.  The same is true of Veigel and they sell all three of Veigel’s hand controls too.  These two diabled car equipment manufacturers are a pretty good balance because they feature modestly prices S G hand controls to Veigel’s more luxurious (and expensive) driving controls.

Driving aids


Griffin Mobility features several common types of driving aids such as their steering attachments, pedal controls and blocks and extension controls.  Their main steering attachment is the Spin Master steering knob which features a quick release function.  This steering knob apparently will not damage the steering wheel at all however this isn’t uncommon.  They also apparently stock most of Sure Grip’s steering attachments which includes lots of regulars such as single pin, tri-pin and v-grip attachments plus an amputee ring.

Griffin Mobility’s foot controls are somewhat lacking although they do have Veigel’s pedal extensions plus Veigel’s accelerator and brake pedal guards.  They also stock Sure Grip’s left foot gas pedal attachment plus their gas pedal guard.  It’s a pretty small selection but most people will only need pedal guards plus perhaps the left foot accelerator.  Some people make do without pedal guards at all but I’d definitely recommend on.

They also have a small number of extension controls such as for the parking brake, keys, gear shift, gas and brake pedals and finally for the turn signals.  Their website does not specify other details and they recommend you to contact them first.

Vehicle Conversions


Griffin Mobility has a wide range of vehicles which are wheelchair accessible.  These can act as transport vehicles or allow the disabled person to drive the vehicle.  They don’t just offer conversions on current vehicles but also allow for trucks, mini vans and lowered floor mini vans, cars and other vehicles to be purchased with your specific installation already taken place.

Their handicapped vans have rear door conversions, side door conversions, hand control installations and much more.  They pretty much have everything you need and their selection of handicap vans is second to none.

Where is Griffin Mobility? Location and Contact Details


Griffin Mobility Dealership front view



Address:  213 Chestnut Street NW, Hartselle, AL 35640

Griffin Mobility Large Map

Griffin Mobility Small Map

Contact Details


Phone:          (256) 751-1365
Toll Free:      (800) 353-4679
FAX:              (256) 751-3668

Mon.- Fri.     8:00am- 5:00pm
Lunch:        12:00pm – 1:00pm

Griffin Medical’s Website – Griffin Mobility

Other services by Griffin Medical


Griffin Medical doesn’t just offer mobility products but it actually has a whole range of different disability aids.  They also have used and second hand products available plus the option to repair broken products should the need arise.

They offer:  exterior rear side lifts for small vehicles which are used for carrying large wheelchairs for example.  Exterior lifts, interior platform lifts, crane lifts, person lifts, full sized ramp lifts, wheelchair restrain systems, non electric exterior carriers, ramps, upholstery services and suspensions upgrades.

With regards to their non-mobility products:  Star lifts, vertical platform lifts, modular and portable wheelchair ramps, pool lifts, bath lifts, interior person lifts, adjustable electronics beds, power door openers and finally wheelchair to bed transfer systems.

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