Secondary Car Function Equipment for the Handicapped

Although by no means necessary most disabled drivers find that utilizing secondary car function equipment is incredibly helpful in allowing for an easier and safer driving experience.

One of the downsides of using hand controls is that you always need one hand to be on the lever so that you can brake/accelerate, which leaves only one hand for the steering wheel.  Using a steering knob makes turning the steering wheel with one hand much easier, but when it comes to using secondary car functions such as the turn signals, head lights or windscreen wipers it can be incredibly difficult to drive because you need to steer, adjust a car function and use the hand control all at the same time.

Secondary Car Function Equipment for the Handicapped

This is where secondary car function equipment comes into play because they allow remote control access of up to 15 functions.  In total there are around 15 functions which you can adjust, with 4-5 being the most important which you’ll be using all the time.

You’ll find that there are generally two options for you to choose, the first is when you purchase certain hand controls and you have the option to choose an in-built keypad.  Otherwise you’ll need to go for a standalone product, these are generally keypads which are attached to or close to the steering wheel.

Some are removable, others are permanent installations which cannot be quickly removed.  This doesn’t mean that they require a mechanic to take off like hand controls, only that they need a screw driver instead of being ‘quick release’ which usually allows removal by just pressing a button.

I would say that although they’re by no means necessary they’re a very useful piece of car driving equipment for handicapped drivers to use.

Generally you’ll find that they’re useful in conjunction with car steering wheel equipment for disabled drivers, as well as pedal equipment such as pedal guards.

Secondary Car Function Equipment for Handicapped

Secondary Car Function Equipment for Handicapped

There are two different types of button settings, you’ll either have the option to programmed and re-program the buttons.  Or they’ll be set already to control specific actions.

Generally having the ability to re-program is going to be the best option – but ultimately they never have less than five buttons, and seeing as there are only five critical functions to control they’re usually more than acceptable.

It might be worth checking out our page on car pedal equipment for handicap drivers if you want to find out more about the pedals that you’ll probably need.

I would also suggest looking into the installation of car driving equipment for the disabled to see if what you want requires any kind of professional installation or whether you can do it yourself.

Finally it might be worth asking yourself the question do I need car driving equipment as a handicapped driver?  To find out what you actually need and what’s not particularly necessary.

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