Removable Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

Driving with a removable spinner knob is very common for the majority of disabled drivers using hand controls.  On this page you can find out everything you need to know about removable steering wheel spinner knobs.  This includes when they’re used, if they’re dangerous or legal, information on the removable function plus where you can buy them and get the cheapest and best deals.

Removable spinner knobs are used either with hand controls or alone


There are two main reasons to utilize removable spinner knobs.  Firstly they’re generally used in conjunction with hand controls.  Hand controls require at least one hand to operate the acceleration and braking which leaves only one hand for the steering wheel.  The addition of a spinner knob helps the driver turn the wheel with just one hand quickly and safely.  Secondly there are drivers who may have a hand or arm which isn’t fully functional.  This could be a mild arthritic problem or could be a full-blown stroke-induced paralysis which affects ones side of the body.

In both cases the main cause of using this type of device is because the driver’s ability to turn the vehicle is in some way impaired.  There are countless different afflictions which could potentially cause a lose of the use of one’s hands.  Perhaps it’s a grip issue with the fingers, or perhaps the whole hand is fine but there are muscular spasms in the arm.  There are nearly infinite amounts of potentially problems – but the solution to one handed steering of the wheel is simple – buy a spinner knob.

Steering wheel spinner knobs legal and safe to use


In some states in the US and many developed countries around the world spinner knobs have actually been banned or limited to certain activities such as racing.  I want to be clear and inform you all that spinner knobs aren’t dangerous in the hands of a reasonable and confident driver.  Steering knobs aren’t dangerous just like how a gun isn’t dangerous – it’s the person who’s using it who is.  You can use a gun calmly and responsibly and never have any problems and the same is exactly true for spinners.

Cool Removable Spinner Knob

The reason they’re seen as dangerous is admittedly because they tend to cause a lot of accidents and especially racing accidents.  This might lead you to believe there’s an effective correlation between spinner knob use and car accidents.  While it’s clear that one figure does affect the other, what’s also clear is that the majority of accidents occurs not by disabled drivers using them properly – but  by kid’s or professionals racing.  Anyone who races their car is obviously much more likely to end up in an accident and using a device to make turning the wheel quicker is a recipe for disaster.

Statistically disabled drivers are less likely to end up in accidents than their able bodied counterparts.  Disabled drivers are careful and responsible and those are two traits that almost all handicapped drivers have – especially when using a piece of equipment like a spinner.

MPD Grey Spinner Knob

Regarding the legality of spinner knobs the law is quite clear when it comes to disabled use.  I’m not going to bore you with the details but it’s fine and perfectly legal.  If you have a genuine reason to use them via a disability then you are protect under the ADA 2008 Amended version which grants you freedom from discrimination.  In this case the discrimination would be against you using the spinner knob legally when statistically you’re much safer using one and by preventing you from legally using a spinner knob the risk of you causing an accident would actually increase.  If anyone tries to give you any trouble take them to the courts.

Why the removable function is so useful


The removable function is a vital asset in transforming a car from able bodied only to disabled-ready in a matter of minutes.  If you have a hand which spasms and you don’t feel comfortable driving with it then you can purchase a quick release spinner knob and attach it on the side your good hand operates.  If your hand starts to spasm you can simply start to use the spinner knob or use it more if you were already.

Removable Woodgrain MPD Spinner Knob

The removable function allows for steering knobs to be used in conjunction with other removable driving equipment.  Instead of requiring to have hand controls and pedal attachments permanently installed you can buy ‘portable’ or ‘quick release’ versions of most types of driving controls.  This allows you to rapidly convert a vehicle back and forth in a matter of minutes and it saves drivers a significant amount of money and hassle.

Who makes steering wheel knobs and where can I buy then?


Essentially you can buy steering knobs either offline or online.  Offline purchasing requires location a disabled car shop or other kind of mobility shop and driving potentially hundreds of miles if you live in a sparsely populated area.  Online purchasing requires going to a website like Amazon and paying significantly less and getting it delivered straight to your door.

I recommend just using a website like Amazon because you can use impartial user reviews, get cheaper prices and most importantly get it delivered to you.  Going out of your way to buy essentially a round place of removable plastic shouldn’t be on your to do list – especially when there’s an easier and cheaper option.

Here’s a good online example:

Here are the manufacture’s products (you will need to find a physical shop selling these):

  • Menox Steering Knobs – Menox has one of the widest ranges of spinner knobs available.  The only downside is they’re quite expensive, but one massive strength is their level of customization which is absolutely unique.  Expect complete integration with Menox steering knobs because the pattern, color, placement and theme are all changeable.
  • GuidoSimplex Steering Wheel Knob – Considering that GuidoSimplex has an incredibly wide and innovative range of hand controls and other driving equipment their range of spinner knobs is surprisingly limited… to just one device.  That said, you essentially just need a spherical ball attached to the wheel so perhaps it’s no surprise they didn’t waste time on frivolous design.  Saying that, the GuidoSimplex steering wheel knob is leather and still looks pretty dapper.
  • MPS Monarch Steering Knob – The situation here is similar to GS because although they have a wide array of steering wheel attachments they only have one knob.  The Monarch Steering Knob is (like GS) simply a regular knob with a large price tag.
  • MPS Steering Knob – I won’t dwell on this description because the device from Mobility Products and Design is almost identical to that of GS and MPS-Monarch.  You can find out about the MPD Steering Knob here.

Other types of steering wheel attachments


There are dozens of different types of steering wheel aids which are designed to assist a variety of disabled people achieve safe and comfortable driving.  Spinner knobs tend to be the most widely used because of their effectiveness and low cost but there are plenty of different options out there.

The manufacturers I’ve listed above generally produce 1-8 different types of steering wheel attachments so that might be something which interests you.  On the other hand I would reckon that perhaps  80-90% of all steering aids are some kind of turning knob so the chances are that you probably won’t like the other products.  That is unless you have a very specific disability such as being an amputee or having very weak grasp control in both hands.

I hope you found this page useful and if you want you can explored the entirety of this website to learn about every single aspect of driving as someone with a handicap.  We cover everything and you can always contact me personally or leave a comment if you want to find out further information.


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