Reducing the cost of the Menox Hand Control

It’s quite well known that the hand control which Menox manufacturers is one of the better ones out there, certainly one of the best.  But the fact is that the cost for it is… extortionate, and reducing the cost as much as possible is the purpose of this post.  Just before I get started, if you’re expecting these tips to reduce the cost by 50% then you should try looking elsewhere.  The tips we provide will save you a good few hundred dollars, and certainly be applied to other models/manufacturers; but ultimately there’s only so much we can do.

When it comes to saving money there are a few different aspects which you personally can see to which each save you money.  The first is with regards to the actual Menox hand control price; we’re talking base cost of the product not including installation or anything else.  Next is the installation, and this itself is actually split into two different parts; hours required for installation and price of the mechanic per hour.

Reducing the cost of the Menox Hand Control

Reducing the cost of the Menox Hand Control

Finally there are the customization options which (depending on which disabled car dealership you go to) can affect the price slightly, but this isn’t a big determining factor.

  • Your main target to getting the lowest possible price, is by targeting both the model and installation costs.

Finding the lowest core model price is probably the easiest issue to address, but perhaps beforehand you should ponder as to whether the Menox driving hand control is worth the money.  If you decide it’s for you then you should certainly proceed into finding the best deal.

You start by ringing up the different disabled dealerships in your area and finding out the core model price, and at this point I feel I should stress that it’s certainly worth ringing and searching further afield.  You need to be able to travel perhaps quite a long distance, and this may be particularly true if you’re living in a rural area.

It’s very important to find out the cost (per hour) of the dealership’s mechanic and how many hours the installation will take.  You’ll find that this is where you’ll be able to save the most money easily because there’s significant variation amongst both the price and hours taken for installation.

Reducing the price of Menox Hand Controls

Reducing the price of Menox Hand Controls

In fact, it’s usually very useful when you get quoted a figure for installation that’s several hours more than their competition because this usually points straight to dishonest practice.

One important thing which nobody seems to address is in negotiating for a lower price of model and installation.  Personally I do not know what their profit margins are, but the rough figure is around 2,000 dollars then you can bet that the disabled car dealership is making hundreds of dollars (easily) from your purchase.  There’s nothing wrong (or cheap) with negotiating for a lower price… just like you would for a second hand car for example.

Ultimately it may be worth asking yourself if it might not be better to choose a cheaper alternative to the Menox disabled hand control if money is a big issue.  There are plenty of very good models out there which aren’t quite as good, but still do 80-90% of what this can do.  It’s certainly worth looking into all the different manufacturer’s models before you commit yourself making any sort of decision because the reality is that the choice is astonishing… and the information is sparse to say the least.  What I’m trying to say is that there’s probably an alternative which is better suited to your condition which is cheaper too; it’s simply a better of finding it.

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