Quick Release Electronic Accelerator Ring – Acceleration Only Device

GuidoSimplex exclusively designs, manufactures and sells gas ring accelerators which are a regarded as ‘accelerator hand controls’ because they do not have any accompanying brake system.  This isn’t to say you couldn’t have a ‘brake-only hand control’ installed with your electronic accelerator ring, but only that they’re not part of the device itself.  This page is going to take a concise look into GuidoSimplex’s quick release electronic accelerator rings, show a few cool pictures and link to their specific pages.

Who uses an acceleration only hand control?


People who use acceleration only hand controls are either able to operate the brakes with their hands or a standalone brake hand control.  Generally these are people with degenerative diseases like MS or arthritis as well as stroke victims who can only use one side of their body.

You may wonder why you would want to purchase two standalone hand controls for the brake and gas pedals instead of just one fully operation hand control, and the main reason is that many of the standalone devices are simply superior – especially when combined and used together.

Accelerator hand controls such as the acceleration ring by GuidoSimplex are incredibly rare to find.  Firstly there simply isn’t a large market for acceleration only driving controls because most disabled drivers are fully disabled and cannot use both legs.  Secondly most acceleration systems are simply fully functioning hand controls which have the brake rods removed.  Whereas a gas ring like this is far more advanced than that and allows for a significantly easier driving experience, whether used by itself or with other driving gear.

One unfortunate thing about acceleration only devices is that they’re far outnumbered by brake only hand controls.  GuidoSimplex manufacturers an incredibly wide array of brake only driving controls, but MPS Monarch and MPD both allow for only the brake rod to be installed – plus all portable hand controls can be used as brake only hand controls too which provides a cheap but effective alternative should brake hand controls become necessary.  You have dozens of options with regards to standalone braking equipment, but for acceleration equipment you only have perhaps 5-6 products to choose from.

GuidoSimplex’s two gas ring accelerators


GuidoSimplex has two similar gas ring accelerators: the first is the ‘Gas Over Ring Accelerator Wheel’ model number 906GV.  This acceleration only kit consists of a wheel which is placed over the steering wheel and features a quick release function.  Pressing down with both of your hands activates your vehicles acceleration while releasing the pressure will release the gas pedal.  Both of these products feature a quick release mechanism which means you can quickly remove your 906gv accelerator ring allowing your car to be used normally.

GuidoSimplex Accelerator ring

GuidoSimplex’s second acceleration ring is under the steering wheel and is exactly the same as the one on top apart from its placement.  The different placement alters the muscles required for the driver to operate the acceleration of the ‘gas under ring accelerator wheel’ model number 916r.  This means that some people may find it easier or more convenient to use the 916R acceleration ring.

You’ll noticed I’m embedded two links in the paragraphs above, and both of these link to GuidoSimplex’s gas rings of which there are two root models.  From here you may also be interested in their other acceleration devices although these are not rings.

I would love to add in alternative quick release electronic acceleration rings from other brands and manufacturers but unfortunately it appears that for for moment only GuidoSimplex manufactures them which is a big pity because they’re very popular.  Compared with other hand controls the amount of emails I received asking specifically about electronic accelerator rings is massive.

GuidoSimplex Gas Under Ring Accelerator Wheel 916R

These rings are can be installed in most cars and there are three main reasons why people purchase them.  The first is that they’re a much easier way of accelerator than conventional hand controls.  Usually a driver has to operate the gas pedal with the same amount of force that was once expected of their legs.  Obviously our legs are much stronger which means much more strain is put on the body because our arms weren’t designed to manually push down on the pedals.  Simply pressing down on the steering wheel which you’re already holding is no big issue.

The second main advantage is that it keeps the acceleration system and steering system in the same place, which is to say that most hand controls aren’t located on the steering wheel.  This means that the driver only has one hand on the steering wheel in the vast majority of situations.  I’m sure how you can see that this can be a little uncomfortable for many drivers who prefer to have both hands on the wheel, and with a gas ring over the steering wheel you now can.

Finally the gas ring over the steering wheel features a quick release version which allows for you to remove the section of the ring which activates the acceleration.  This allows your car to be quickly turned into a regular vehicle which can be operated regularly by an able bodied driver at a moment’s notice.  This is particularly useful for sharing a car between multiple people.

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