Quick Release Portable Left Foot Accelerator

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The Quick Release Portable Left Foot Accelerator by Alfred Bekker is an English designed and manufactured left foot gas pedal designed to allow the right foot operate the gas/acceleration pedal.


The ‘quick release’ feature of the left foot accelerator pedal allows for the the device to be removed at the flick of a switch allowing for normal pedal use.


This package arrives with both the QR-PLFA and its base plate.  The QR-PLFA device is attached to the base plate.  The base plate can be installed via the screws provided or by using metal rods to prevent car modification damage (see video below).


Driving with your left foot/leg has never been easier.  Drivers with long-term or temporary disability find this product very useful for driving with just one leg.  This left foot accelerator is manufactured in England, in the United Kingdom, and is an incredibly high quality product.


Total price for the QR PLFA Kit is $395  Upon confirmation of payment we ship within one business day, and you can expect delivery within 5-7 business days.


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Many drivers who can only use their left leg and foot take advantage of portable left foot accelerators (sometimes referred to as left foot gas pedals) to allow for significantly easier driving.  Drivers sometimes use handicap hand controls in conjunction with their portable left foot accelerators.  The QR PLFA is frequently used by drivers who suffer from multiple sclerosis, strokes or other injuries which render the right foot inadequate for safe driving.


Each package arrives with both the top quick-release left foot accelerator, its base plate (shown in a picture above), screw bolts (for installation) and an instruction manual.


The base plate can be installed very easily, however an electric screwdriver is recommended.  Installation requires correct positioning of the base plate (as per the manual) in front of the pedals.  Once in position it’s worth attaching the top part of the left foot accelerator to make sure it’s positioned correctly.  When the base plate is in the optimal position you can remove the top left foot accelerator device and proceed to use an electric screwdriver to install the base plate.  Attaching the top section of the left foot accelerator (with the left foot gas pedal) is very easy and it simply slides into position.  Please do consults your state/country’s laws regarding installation of this type of equipment.


If you are concerned about installation, the manual provided is suitable for showing to professional mechanics who can ensure its proper installation – however anyone with basic tool skills will be proficient.  Please consult the manual before installation.


Whether you’re looking for a long-term or just a temporary left foot gas pedal this product may well be for you.  There are a few unique aspects to the QR PLFA that make it worth considering.  Firstly, it’s both designed and constructed in the UK ensuring a very high quality standard.  Secondly, its quick-release function makes it very useful for changing between left footed driving and regular driving.  When completely removing the PLFA (including the base plate) unscrewing to bolt screws is all that must be done and damage to the car is almost unobservable.  This is especially true if you put a floor mat over the screw holes.

Feel free to get into contact with us to discuss whether this product is right for you.

Additional information

Weight 7.7 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 9.5 x 12.5 in
Installation Requirements

Regular US pedal configuration

4 reviews for Quick Release Portable Left Foot Accelerator

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Very easy to install – basically just a few screws. I didn’t bother with the option of having a completely screw-free installation. Removing it to allow my wife to drive our car takes no time at all – just press the button to release it.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    been looking for something like this for a while – but i wasn’t sure if it was exactly what I needed (I have MS) for my condition. I called Jonny and he knew his stuff – answered all my questions and its made driving MUCH easier. The new gas pedal is just left of the normal brake pedal so you can switch quickly between them… you can take it off if you want but Ive no need of that.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    I recently suffered a stroke which has made especially my right foot very numb and driving downright dangerous.. my foot can slip of the pedal and knowing how much force to apply is difficult. This left foot gas pedal has made driving with my just my left foot much much safer – installation seemed tricky..I’ve never drilled a whole into the bottom of my car before!.. but was actually pretty easy. I’d recommend using a power screwdriver.. it took a few minutes.. then I just clipped the actual left foot pedal part onto the metal plate which I screwed down (it just slides on no more screws!). It feels like a very strong and well-built – when I took it out of that box it had that heavy solid feel to it… it’s all metal and not breaking any time soon (I hope!). Its made driving possible for me again.. recommended.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Just what I’m looking for being a recent amputee, Just can’t afford this product.
    Good Luck,
    Semfer Fi

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