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BMTech Quick Fit Gas-Only Hand Control

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The BMTech Quick Fit Gas-Only Hand Control uses a unique spring loaded jaw clamp allowing for installation in seconds.  This product includes the gas hand control only and there is no brake hand control included.


There’s no need for the screwing and unscrewing of bolts, simply operate the jaw clamp over the pedal and release the spring-loaded mechanism to grip the pedal.


No permanent vehicle modifications necessary – maintain your vehicle’s value by not causing permanent damage.  Installed and removed in under five seconds.

Free Shipping in the United States. Total price for the BMTech Quick Fit Gas-Only Hand Control is $245.  Upon confirmation of payment we ship within one business day, and you can expect delivery within 5-7 business days.


Purchase in Confidence.  [See Our Full Money Back Guarantee]



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Product Description

Operate the brake pedal only using the BMTech Quick Fit Gas-Only Hand Control.  The brake and accelerator hand controls are separate (not fixed together in any way) and can therefore be used individually.  Please only purchase from this page if you want the Gas hand control only with no brake hand control.


List of BenefitsInstallationOperation and KitDifferencesDownsides

One brake-only hand control.

Instant installation via spring loaded jaw clamp.

Intuitive design allows for comfortable driving minutes after installation.

We recommend several days practise before regular driving commences.

Fits regular sized cars and vehicles (however they are not length adjustable)

Designed in the USA.

Manufactured in the USA.

Free US Shipping, only $55 shipping to Canada and Mexico.

No installation damage to the vehicle.

No installation cost.

Can be installed by anyone who has use of their fingers and hands.

Useful for drivers who switch their hand controls between cars.

Useful for drivers who don’t want to pay high installation fees.

Useful for drivers who don’t live near a Mobility Dealership.

Useful for drivers who want to start driving within a week.

A unique feature of installation allows for installation onto the pedals within seconds via the jaw clamp.  The jaw clamp is spring-loaded and instantly clamps down onto the pedal.

Peddle Master Hand Controls Installed

BMTech Quick Fit Gas-Only Hand Control is self-installed in seconds.

There is no strap to hold these hand controls in place, and they’re designed to either rest on the driver’s legs/seat or both be held in one hand while driving.  The handles are very small allowing for both the gas and brake hand controls to rest in the driver’s hand.

Peddle Master Hand Controls Installed via the Pedal Claw

Notice how the jaw clamp firmly grips the pedal.

An instructional manual with precise instructions is provided and should be followed exactly.

Operate the hand controls by simply pushing downwards on each hand control to operate the gas and brake pedals.  This device is designed primarily for drivers who cannot drive with both their legs – however drivers who can only use one leg can use each hand control separately.

The small handle fits easily into one hand.

The small handle fits easily into one hand.  The handles are very small and it’s usual to operate the gas hand control, while being ready to operate the brake hand control when required.

Driving experience is comparable to other permanently installed hand controls which require manual hand strength.  For inexperienced drivers we recommend several days of safe/light driving before driving in busy areas.

The gas and brake hand controls are not connected together at all.  They can be used together, or individually.

The pedal claw of the Peddle Master hand controls.

The jaw clamp of the hand controls.

The handle for each separate hand control is very small allowing one hand control (usually the accelerator hand control) to be operated whilst keeping a grip on the other hand control.

Both hand controls together weigh an incredibly light 3 pounds making it very useful for transportation purposes as well as those who are not very strong.

BMTech Quick Fit Gas-Only Hand Control is not length adjustable and therefore are suitable for only regular sized cars and trucks.

BMTech Quick Fit Gas-Only Hand Control are lightweight plastic, which certainly has a weaker feel when compared with our other all-metal hand controls.

We currently ship our portable hand controls across the US, Canada and Mexico.  For sales to Europe please visit our UK hand controls website.  Free shipping is offered within the US, shipping to Canada and Mexico is charged at the time being at a $55 flat rate.


Total price for the BMTech Quick Fit Gas-Only Hand Control is $245.  Upon confirmation of payment we ship within one business day, and you can expect delivery within 5-7 business days.


2 reviews for BMTech Quick Fit Gas-Only Hand Control

  1. 4 out of 5


    I broke my right leg just a few days ago and the doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to drive my car. However if I take time of work… I might lose my job. The doctor said it would take several months for a full recovery. I have a family to support and not going to work was not an option. I discovered these gas hand controls and although it seemed like it was mainly for people with ‘real’ disabilities it also seemed like it would perfectly suit me. It did. Installation is easy. Operation is obvious. I was amazed to see I could start driving almost immediately.

    I use my left leg for the brakes like normal. I use my right hand to use the gas control. I use my left hand to steer my car. I kept my job and frankly $185 is a bargain considering the hell my family could have gone through (trust me I’ve seen a small injury like this destroy families before).

  2. 5 out of 5


    I suffer from MS and have done for several years. My right leg is by far the worst and it has meant that driving has been getting progressively more difficult and more dangerous… I stopped driving completely 2 weeks ago because it simply isn’t safe for me or others. But it felt like a defeat. I can get help most of the time and have lovely family and friends – I cannot and should not complain……. but there is something terrible about losing your ability to drive……. trust me you don’t understand ‘you never know what you had until it’s gone’ until you’re just staring at your car but know that is simply not responsible to drive it anymore.

    Being able to drive, especially when your body is slowly stopping working is a privilege that I never knew I relied upon so much.

    So……. I was thinking of getting a set of controls for both the gas and brakes as eventually I will lose both my feet…… I know that already. But at the moment my left foot still feels fine and I don’t want to give in and be defeated that easily. When the time comes I will make the decision to for hand controlled only.

    Anyway….. so I bought the gas controls, the claw thing worried me to start with because it’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before…. but it does the job and fits in literally 2 seconds. After that it’s pretty obvious… just push down on the handle in the direction of the pedal! I just rest my arm on my lap and push down that way (it’s a lot easier). I’ve never driven with controls before and would recommend several hours of practise before you take to the highway! When I started I was a bit jumpy but it’s quite simple to use and not difficult at all.

    Since I’ve started using them everyone has noticed an improvement in my happiness and wellbeing and there’s nothing better than driving your car just like everyone else…. just like how I always used to (almost!).

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