BMTech Gas Thumb PRO Hand Controls

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The revolutionary BMTech Gas Thumb PRO Hand Controls’ unique curved handle allow for the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel while simultaneously operating the gas and brake pedals.


The curved handle fits the shape of all steering wheels allowing for the perfect hand controlled driving experience.


Length adjustable, complete metal build resulting in top quality build strength.  Can be rapidly dismantled into separate components for travelling.  This is the best portable hand control we currently sell.


No permanent vehicle modifications necessary – maintain your vehicle’s value by not causing permanent damage.  Installed and removed in minutes.


Total price for the BMTech Gas Thumb PRO Hand Controls is $595.  Upon confirmation of payment we ship within one business day, and you can expect delivery within 5-7 business days.


Purchase in Confidence.  [See Our Full Money Back Guarantee]


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Presenting the BMTech Gas Thumb PRO Hand Controls – the safest, most comfortable and easiest car hand controls.  Having both hands on the steering wheel is a huge improvement upon other designs as it allows for greater control and comfort.



List of BenefitsInstallationOperation and KitDifferencesDownsides


Push-Thumb Accelerator and Curved Push-Handle Brake hand control mechanism for easy one handed pedal control.

Curved Push-Handle allows for both hands on the steering wheel.

Complete metal build resulting in incredible strength.

Intuitive design allows for comfortable driving minutes after installation.

We recommend several days practise before regular driving commences.

Fits large trucks, cars, vans and even golf carts.

Free US Shipping, only $55 shipping to Canada and Mexico.

No installation damage to the vehicle.

No installation cost.

Can be installed by anyone who has use of their fingers and hands.

Useful for drivers who switch their hand controls between cars.

Useful for drivers who don’t want to pay high installation fees.

Useful for drivers who don’t live near a Mobility Dealership.

Useful for drivers who share a car.

Can be taken on holiday and put into rental cars.

Start driving straight away!

Designed for right handed pedal operation.


Installation is very simple, and involves the pedals clamps for both the gas and brake pedals being slid over the pedals, where screw locks are used to lock the pedal clamps onto the pedals.  These screw locks are screwed in until tight.


The actual installation only takes around a few minutes (depending on experience).  No tools or car experience necessary to install these hand controls.  However drivers with severe arthritis or other mobility issues regarding their hands/fingers may have problems screwing in the screw clamps.


First time installation can take from 30-60 minutes, as the installer will need to find the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of ideal length adjustment.  With practise, installation can take as little as several minutes.


An instructional manual with precise instructions is provided and should be followed exactly.


A perfect driving tool for work, vacation and much more – available at your door step within just a few days for the US and up to a week for Canada and Mexico.  Using just your hands you can install the kit, securing the BMTech Gas Thumb PRO Hand Controls onto the pedals.  An installation and operations manual is provided.



If you’re looking for the best of hand controls you’ve found it here.  The BMTech Gas Thumb PRO Hand Controls are incredibly easy to operate, intuitive, comfortable and very strong.  Operation is as simple as pushing down with your thumb to accelerate and using.



Most importantly the curved black handle perfectly fits all steering wheels allowing for the driver to operate the hand controls whilst keeping both hands on the steering wheel and therefore retaining complete control of the vehicle.


Then, there’s the very easy to use thumb acceleration – but perhaps more importantly there’s the ability to comfortably hold the device in one hand without needing to move your hand at all.


Secondly, it’s length adjustable allowing it to be positioned exactly to the driver’s personal preferences.



Due to its welded stainless brushed steel construction it’s heavier than the other hand controls we sell.  We made it specifically very strong, to last a life time.


Finally, unlike the BMTech Quick Fit Hand Controls which are purchasable in three different colors the BMTech Gas Thumb PRO Hand Controls come in silver metal color only – with a black handle.



We currently ship our portable hand controls across the US, Canada and Mexico.  For sales to Europe please visit our UK hand controls website.  Free shipping is offered within the US, shipping to Canada and Mexico is charged at the time being at a $55 flat rate.



Total price for the BMTech Gas Thumb PRO Hand Controls is $595.  Upon confirmation of payment we ship within one business day, and you can expect delivery within 5-7 business days.



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Additional information

Weight 4.05 lbs
Dimensions 20.5 x 9 x 2.75 in

Pedal-Only Vehicles, No Tools/Experience Required


US, Canada and Mexico


One hand/arm for Operation


Push-Down Thumb Accelerator and Curved Push-Down Brake Handle

Length Adjustable



Depending on Your State/County

3 reviews for BMTech Gas Thumb PRO Hand Controls

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was worried about buying this hand control as it had no reviews (that’s why I decided to write one)… however when I read you can have both hands on the wheel AND use the hand controls I became very interested! I decided to risk it and fork out the 600 bucks… to me money is not the issue – it’s whether it works and if I can put it in and out of my car without screws and permanent modifications…. the answer is YES.

    I have average sized hands but I was able to both use my fingers to clasp the steering wheel and operate the hand controls with just a day of practise… but I do have many years experience with hand controls so other people’s experiences might not be the same if they’re not so used to them.


    Easy to install (I can’t do it but my wife can.. takes her 5 mins), easy to operate, and feels vVERY SAFE – imagine two hands on the wheel over one – my ability to control my truck is absolute.

    Definitely RECOMMENDED. I would buy another one for my other car but I don’t need to as these hand controls are ‘portable’!!… my wife can just unscrew it from my truck and put it in my car in 10 minutes. I can actually remove it too if necessary BUT obviously it’s much easier for her.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Super strong. Installing it is annoying until you’ve done it a few times. I just leave mine in now. The hand control is positioned to the right of the steering wheel (around 4 O’clock). This means you can have both hands on the wheel and help to guide it. I couldn’t find this elsewhere but it’s a great driving tool.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    When I lifted the hand controls out of the box they had that ‘this is never going to break feeling’ – it’s very very strong……. and welded together. I decided to buy these because of the ‘two handed steering’ which I will go on to talk about. This is different from some other hand controls I’ve used which felt strong but not like it would last me a life time.

    Installation the first time takes quite awhile as you’re constantly trying to work out the right length. Once you know how long you want it then putting it in only takes…… 10 minutes. First time took over an hour though.

    Let me explain the two handed steering. Firstly, if you’re expecting to be able to use both hand to steer the wheel like normal then you will be disappointed. It’s not a perfect system. but…. you can actually have both hands comfortably on the wheel, and use the hand controlled hand to help turn the steering wheel. You must ‘thread’ it through for sharper corners.

    For me, this is perfect as most of my driving is on long straight roads with just a few turns. Gentle turns are no problem, but sharp turns are harder (although easier with this of course). For most people I think this would work well because it gives you more stability and control.

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