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BMTech Colours Quick Fit Spinner Knobs Grey1

BMTech Colors Quick Fit Spinner Knob (Grey)


Strong, durable, stylish, functional and affordable.  One second installation and removal.  A steering wheel spinner knob for everybody.


  1. High-Quality Silicone provides Flexibility, Strength and Shape.
  2. Instant Three-Second Installation, Instant Removal.
  3. Easy Palm Spinning with Intuitive Motion.
  4. Flexi Steering Wheel Jaw Clamp with Anti-Slip Material.
  5. Designed for Disabled Drivers and can used with Handicap Hand Controls
  6. Genuinely No Steering Wheel Damage Impressions.
  7. Universal Steering Wheel Installation


Total price for the BMTech Colours Quick Fit Spinner Knob (Grey) is $27.  Upon confirmation of payment we ship within one business day, and you can expect delivery within 5-7 business days.


Purchase in Confidence.  [See Our Full Money Back Guarantee]


Product Description

A completely new type of spinner knob.  No more screws, no metal, no flimsy plastic.  The unique Flexi jaw clamp allows for installation in literally 1-2 seconds.  Removal is even faster.  There are no rough metal or plastic parts that will damage your steering wheel or feel flimsy in your hand.


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This is constructed from high quality silicone providing an incredibly strong spinner knob that feels soft in your hand.  As it’s made from silicone there is enough flexibility to allow you to open the steering wheel jaw clamp, position it based on your preferences, and then watch it snap back into position.



This instant installation allows you to re-position your BMTech Colors Quick Fit Spinner Knob to find the perfect position for you.  The soft silicone material doesn’t damage your steering wheel over time, especially as there is no hard metal or plastic used in the spinner knob.  It’s also very easily removable so that the steering wheel can be operated normally.



BMTech Colors Spinner Knobs Set Up


This spinner knob is designed for serious drivers, and does not feature any gimmicky designs as its purpose is purely functional.  This spinner knob was hand moulded in South Korea and is not your usual cheap Chinese knock off.


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