Problems with the Cost of Car Hand Controls

If you want to find out the problems relating to the cost of car hand controls then there are a few important different areas which you need to look at which will almost certainly inflate the overall total price of your disabled driving experience.

Firstly there’s the cost of the hand controls themselves, then there’s the cost of installation which is determined by two different factors, there’s the cost of peripheral driving equipment where you definitely will need some, disabled driving insurance and car tax.

The hand control’s cost can vary dramatically depending on the model, technology and the disabled car dealership where it’s purchased.  Generally around 400-500 dollars for the base model of a relatively basic design is a good average figure to look at, with the installation costing perhaps around 200 dollars.

Problems with the Cost of Car Hand Controls

Problems with the Cost of Car Hand Controls

Just remember that the core model prices are self set, so you should search around different shops because the variation could save you around 100 dollars in the overall price.

Negotiating for a lower car hand controls cost is a very useful technique for trying to get the lowest price which you possible can.

If money is a big issue it might be worth checking out our page on the difficulties in finding the cheapest hand controls cost for cars page which outlines some of the problems you can encounter as well as possible solutions.

The installation can cost around half of the total price of the device, and it’s determined by the cost of the mechanic per hour times by the installation duration.

Remember that these are mechanics which are specifically trained in this specific type of installation and so you can’t just buy the standalone model and have it installed elsewhere for a cheaper price.  The disabled car dealership sets the price for the cost of hand controls so again, negotiating for a slightly lower cost can have a significant impact in terms of the amount of money saved.

Technology additions such as mechanical linkage, electronic activation or hydraulic components all increase the cost and if you’re on a tight budget then sticking to the non assisted manual design is going to be the best option.

Problems - the Cost of Car Hand Controls

Peripheral driving equipment can also drive up the cost of the total price, these are items such as steering knobs, pedal guards, left foot gas accelerators – some you’ll need and some you won’t.

Generally you’ll find that steering knobs so you can rotate the steering wheel easily with just one hand and pedal guards so that you don’t accidentally engage the pedals are the two most common by far.

Some handicapped people consider the question are car hand controls worth the trouble and cost?  This is understandable, especially for those who have more of a passing interest and aren’t actively planning on actually doing extensive driving.

It’s worth finding out how different car hand controls technology types affect the cost so you can find out whether want you need/require is economically viable (some people need to spend thousands of dollars for devices which match up to their ailments).

Disabled driving insurance doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily paying more because of your disability due to equality laws in the UK/US, but what it does mean is that if you have a genuinely greater chance of causing an accident you may well be expected to pay more.  It’s up to the insurance company to prove this.

Finally it might be worth checking out our page on finding the cheapest car hand controls if you’re looking to getting the best deal you possibly can.

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