Quick-Release Portable Left Foot Accelerator (PLFA)


Operating the gas pedals with your left foot has never been easier than with the Alfred Bekker Quick-Release Portable Left Foot Accelerator.  Installation is straight forward, and removing the left foot accelerator to allow for regular driving takes seconds.



Find out about the QR PLFA here.  Total cost including delivery is $395.

What is a Left Foot Accelerator?


This type of car modification allows for a driver with only left leg mobility to operate both the gas and brake pedal comfortably with one foot.  Many drivers look to purchase one because of temporary injury, as well as because of diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Sometimes left foot accelerators are used in conjunction with brake-only hand controls.  This allows the driver’s mobile left leg to operate the gas pedal, with one hand to operate the brake-only hand controls and the other to operate the steering wheel.