Portable Handicap Hand Controls for Cars for Disabled Drivers

If you’re looking for handicap hand controls then buying a portable set for your car if you’re a disabled driver could be just what you’re looking.  But actually, I think by the end of this post I might dissuade you from getting them in the first place.  Find out more below.

There are some definitive benefits to this kind of mobile driving equipment which I’ll go over to begin with.  To start with they’re much cheaper than their rivals which are permanent or semi-permanent in design.  You can expect the cost to be closer to around 200-250 dollars but there’s no reason you can’t get them cheaper if you buy a second hand set.  It also reduces the financial burden of requiring an extra car.  I’m not just referring to the price of the car itself, but the associate costs.  These are the car’s insurance, disabled driver’s insurance and of course the massive depreciation in value of the vehicle over time.

Most disabled drivers see portable hand controls as a solution to many of these financial burdens.  I can definitely see where they’re coming from because supporting a car isn’t easy – especially if you’re handicapped.

However there are certainly some downsides which you need to be aware of.  Firstly they’re not adaptable or customized at all, it’s very much a one size fits all situation.  Some people prefer long handles, short handles, straight handles, ergonomic handles or spherical handles.  Some prefer different materials and colors – but you don’t get to decide here.  If you don’t see this is a problem then it’s fine, but if you’re going to be perhaps using them for years to come you might want to consider investing in something a little more permanent.

I personally see portable hand controls as very much the starting place on the road for people who want to properly engage in disabled driving.  But ultimately they’re the bike with stabilizers and they’re a short term solution to a long term problem.  I don’t think they’re suitable for sustained use and certainly not long usage.  If you only want to drive very occasionally then they’re perfect for you.  But most people want something relaxing, more comfortable and more secure they can use at any time without the hassle of detaching the controls or reattaching them as the situation dictates.

Although it is an expensive financial burden to go ahead and buy a dedicated car for handicap hand controls I definitely see the value in it.

Purely from a hassle point of view it’s a lot easier than asking people to add or remove the equipment all the time.  As someone who has been temporarily disabled with spine and hip injuries I know the feeling of not wanting to always be asking for help.  Ascertaining a level of independence is what most people strive for and I think that having permanent fittings helps achieve this.  Otherwise this is just another thing you need help doing.

They’re also much safer and allow for car capabilities such as signaling to turn or activate the windscreen wipers/washers to be used all in one place – on the handle (depending on your design).  They can have mechanical linkage which makes using them easier, and they’re more sturdy and stable – not to mention customizable based on preference.

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