Portable Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers


Currently we sell three different types of portable hand controls.  All of these hand controls can be installed and removed in minutes, using only your hand with no tools required.  The differences between these portable hand control kits are below, as well as links to each specific product.


HHC FS Portable Hand Controls KitHHC Dyno Portable Hand ControlsHHC Claw Grip Portable Hand Controls


Firstly there’s the HHC FS Hand Controls Kit which is length adjustable and suitable for vehicles ranging from golf carts to large trucks.  It can be dismantled and stored in a small carry bag.


The kit we provide contains a steering wheel knob (for easy one handed turning), a steering wheel mount strap (to hold the hand controls in position) and finally a blue storage bag for travelling with.  Installation is as simple as using your fingers to screw the screw bolts tightly so they’re firmly attached to the brake and gas pedals.


Everything you need for driving with your hands only is in this kit. ($299.95 inc. free US shipping)


Secondly there’s the heavy weight HHC Dyno Hand Controls which are not a kit and so do not have a steering wheel knob, travel bag or mount strap.  Many people find a steering knob very useful for one handed steering, however it isn’t strictly necessary as it depends on your physical condition.


The HHC Dyno hand controls are designed to be held just above the driver’s lap using one hand.  Acceleration if via a thumb knob button and braking is activated by pushing down on the handle.  The HHC Dyno hand controls are also length adjustable and at 9 pounds it’s very durable. ($359.95 inc. free US shipping)


Thirdly there’s the HHC Claw Grip Hand Controls which have a few unique features and drawbacks.  Firstly they’re not length adjustable, they’re designed to be suitable for regular cars and trucks.


They use a unique spring loaded claw clamp which allows installation in seconds.  They’re super lightweight and arrive without a steering knob, steering wheel strap or carry bag. ($339.95 inc. free US shipping)


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Information on Portable Hand Controls


Portable?List of BenefitsDownsidesInstallation


Hand controls which are ‘portable’, such as the products we sell, can be installed and removed within minutes in almost all vehicles.  Most ‘permanent’ hand controls are bolted and screwed into the car and can only be removed by a mechanic familiar with hand controls.  Once these permanent hand controls are removed they can only be installed in other vehicles which have a very similar lay out.


A picture of the Freedom Staff portable hand controls. Notice the pedal clamps - as well as the circular holes which allow for length adjustment.

A picture of the FS portable hand controls. Notice the pedal clamps – as well as the circular holes which allow for length adjustment.



Portable hand controls are lightweight, length-adjustable, foldable and can be installed in almost all regular cars and trucks.



Below are just some of the benefits of using our portable hand controls:




Length Adjustable (allows for installation in multiple vehicles of varying sizes)

Universal Installation (all regular cars and trucks are suitable)

No Permanent Vehicles Modifications

No Vehicle Damage

Maintain Vehicle Resale Value

Installation is Free


Installable in Minutes

Tools and Vehicle Knowledge not Required for Installation

Intuitive Hand Control Design

Value for Money

Delivery via Fedex/UPS/USPS

Perfect for Vehicle Sharing (one vehicle can be used for disabled and non-disabled use)

Perfect for Vehicle Sharing (one set of hand controls can be shared between multiple vehicles)

Perfect for Rental Vehicles



Below are some of the downsides of using our portable hand controls:


You cannot get a ‘feel’ for the hand controls before purchasing them

Installation may require an able-bodied person

Not available outside of the US, Canada and Mexico

Require Automatic Transmission Vehicles



All portable hand controls follow a simple installation method.  Most importantly, the hand control’s pedal clamps (situated at the bottom of each hand control) are securely attached to the gas and brake pedals.  This is generally done by screw bolts (which are provided and require no tools, only your fingers, to tighten).  Securely fastening to the pedal clamps to the pedals is the most important part of the installation.


Portable Freedom Staff Hand Control

Picture of the FS hand controls installed in a car. Other portable hand controls follow the same basic principle of installation.


Once the pedal clamps have been installed, adjusting the length of the hand controls to a comfortable location relative to your hands is also an important step – mainly in terms of comfort but also in terms of functional use.


Please consult the manual provided with each set of hand controls before installation.



If you’re interested in this type of equipment you can call our company to discuss what’s right for you (number at the bottom of this page in the footer).  

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