Pedal Attachments, Accessories and Extensions

This page provides information on almost all types of disabled pedal attachments, accessories and extensions.  These pedal attachments are not just for handicapped people, but for those who may need custom modifications or extensions which are hard to find else where.

Left Foot Gas Accelerator Pedals


Permanent Left Foot Gas Pedals – Some drivers (commonly those with MS) find that using their left leg to operate the accelerator pedal makes driving much easier.  The ‘permanent’ aspect of the left foot gas pedals refers to the inability to easily remove the device and operate the pedals normally.

Quick Release Portable Left Foot Accelerator Pedals – If you want to rapidly change your car between able bodied and regular driving I would suggest a removable left foot accelerator pedal.  They’re also sometimes called quick-release or portable.  For short term injuries they can be used as temporary left foot accelerators and then easily removed to allow for normal car operation upon recovery.

Pedal Guards


Gas Accelerator and Brake Pedal Guards -Pedal guards are incredibly important for disabled drivers who are using hand controls or other pedal equipment.  Having a protective cover guard over the gas or brakes prevents overhead accidental engagement plus stops one’s feet from being trapped under the brake with much more dire consequences.  I would certainly invest some time into carefully picking the correct pedal guard for your gas accelerator and brake pedals.

Pedal Extensions


All Pedal Extenders, Clutch Pedal Extensions, Gas and Brake Extension Kits – Pedal extensions are useful pieces of equipment for the right person.  Gas and Brake extenders are useful in numerous circumstances and are not just limited to little people of short stature.  Driver’s with arthritis or numerous other ailments or issues will find clutch, gas and brake extension kits to be more useful.